Why Hyvä Theme is Important?

We have been working with Magento since 2007 when it was still called Varien. And we just love the flexibility, scalability, and extensibility of Magento. Also, Magento is capable of handling complex projects, and that’s why any developer would say Magento is perfect. But as always, there’s a catch. The front-end. The main reason for re-platforming is Magento’s performance issues in the front end. Web store performance has a dramatic impact on your e-commerce business. Also, after last year’s Google algorithm update, pages that have slow loading speeds may almost not appear on the first page of a Google search.

Speeding up your Magento web store takes a lot of time, money, and effort, and you simply can not achieve a 100/100 score on Google PageSpeed. But if we replace the default Magento theme, Luma, with Hyvä, we get an incredible score of 100/100. What’s the catch? The default Magento theme loads over 200 JS /CSS resources (1.5 megabytes), while Hyvä loads only 2 (0.2 megabytes). Willem Wigman, the creator of Hyvä, has reduced the complexity and removed RequireJS, Knockout, and UIComponents to make web development fun again.

Okay, we already pointed out that the main goal of Hyvä is to address the performance issues we encountered with Luma. That said, there are some other benefits of using Hyvä, including:

  1. Increased Conversion Rates
  2. Reduced Costs & Time to Market
  3. Flexibility
  4. Adaptability

With that established, let’s dive into every single benefit from our list!

1. Increased Conversion Rates

A side effect of improving website performance is higher conversion rates. Recent research shows that for every second a page takes to load longer than global benchmarks (2 seconds for desktop and 4 seconds for mobile), you lose up to 7% in conversion rate.

Add this up over the course of a year and your business is missing out on a large chunk of revenue.

Unacceptable and absolutely avoidable with the right transition to Hyvä!

2. Reduced Costs & Time to Market

Hyvä theme not only speeds up your website performance and improves conversions.

The architectural simplicity of the Hyvä theme makes life easier for developers. The theme is based on the latest web development tools, so there is less front-end code and files to go through, making it easier for developers to build new features and fix issues.

This significantly reduces development time and costs and saves you money as a business owner. With that said, we understand how business expenses are on the rise and how much you need to be careful with money or resources. Because of that, we at Younify, think that we have a solution to that problem of yours. Contact us to find out more about how we can save you even more money.

3. Flexibility

Usually, performance is the main focus when it comes to Hyvä, but of course, flexibility and adaptability are also crucial factors when choosing an e-commerce platform for your business. After all, every online shop wants to have its own look and the most perfect and user-friendly user experience possible. And every business owner wants their online shop to actively stand out from their competitors’ stores through custom features and design.

Hyvä ‘s theme is thoroughly convincing in this area as well, especially since modern frameworks are used and there are no restrictions in terms of flexibility and adaptability.

4. Adaptability

If you already have a Magento 2 webshop, do not worry.

With Hyvä Themes, you do not have to start from scratch. Instead, just replace your current theme and avoid recreating your backend/admin panel functions. Because that is already in place.

And whether you are starting a new project from scratch in Magento 2 or migrating from Magento 1, you can use the features of the Hyvä theme. However, the Hyvä theme is only available for Magento 2 (not for Magento 1).



We at Younify are big fans of Hyvä Theme and the benefits it brings to our customers. Hyvä Themes is basically a Magento 2 front-end on a different level. It has immense potential and, in our opinion, should be considered by all Magento 2 merchants who are serious about growing their online business. Also everyone who are interested in more technical details about Hyvä, can check out our other blog post here ?

Choosing an e-commerce platform is challenging, but if you make a smart decision, it just has to pay off. We and the people behind Hyvä firmly believe that the combination of Hyvä + Magento is probably the best combination for realizing e-commerce projects, from small to large, from simple to complex.


Discover Hyvä, the Magento game-changer that will transform your webshop. Learn more here.