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Younify's team consists of purely e-commerce minded professionals.

Our passion is developing, supporting and marketing e-commerce stores. Founded in 2007, we've grown into a team of 30 professionals. Originally focused on Dutch market where we have positioned ourselves as one of the top Magento development companies, we built the largest portfolio of high-quality Magento stores.

Our top strengths are strategic consulting, Magento store's design, development and support, but also online marketing in the e-commerce arena. We owe all of these qualities to our team of Younifiers. Meet us below.

company´s history

The story of Younify starts in 2007 when our company was founded. By today it has grown into a team of 26 professionals. Since day one, we put a special emphasis on communication and long-term relationships with our clients. That’s why we managed to sustain cooperation with some of our first clients. Our initial idea was to build web shops which we do up to now. Then we chose Magento since it is tailored for serious and successful online businesses and is the best platform to work with . Besides web shop development we offer full site optimization and customized design.

In 2010 we opened our office in Serbia. Our entire development team and the majority of company management is in Niš (formerly known as city of electronics). Since then we´ve been growing with a very low attrition rate and a really high percentage of educated and skilled professionals.

Today, Younify is mainly focused on the Dutch market, where it is positioned as one of the leading companies in Magento webshop development. We have over 250 Magento commerce projects in our portfolio and cooperate with many companies that provide e-commerce related solutions.
Being known as exclusive organizers of international Magento conference “Meet Magento” has just opened the doors towards a growing Serbian market. We managed to get the title of “leading Magento development company” in the country. We are very proud to be part of e-commerce development in Serbia as well.
In the Netherlands, Younify is part of the leading Magento community – Dutchento. In Serbia, Younify is member of two organizations: Serbian Chamber of Commerce and NiCAT – Advanced Technology Cluster for IT innovations.

what we do

Younify delivers profitable solutions when it comes to implementing Magento webshops. Experience, quality and high capacity is what makes us experts in this field. On the other hand, we provide a very stable, positive and challenging working environment. Our Magento webshops are fully optimized for a high-quality user experience: they are interactive, responsive and beautifully designed, but also SEO/SEM optimized.

At Younify we provide the following products and services to our clients:

  • Magento webshop development
  • Magento webshop support
  • Custom Magento modules, ERP and POS connectors
  • Strategic consulting

Our specialties:

  • Magento
  • E-commerce
  • Web shops
  • Online marketing
  • Web development
  • Magento support
  • SEO/SEM optimization

Our strong points:

  • Highly specialised Magento team (including Magento 2 professionals), able to professionally accomplish our clients’ needs and desires
  • Custom Magento modules’ development, such as product configurators
  • Unique custom designs that fit into the look & feel of our clients’ corporate style guides
  • SEO and conversion optimized Magento web shops
  • Connections to ERP and POS systems

With over 250 Magento Commerce webshop implementations we are one of the most experienced players in the market. Below is a small part of our Magento portfolio . For these clients, we have built the Magento webshop where we used one or more extensions that we have developed (these are most often connections to major ERP or POS systems).

management team

Sasa Simonovic


Emile Koolstra



Vladimir Peric

support manager

Milena Markovic

Financial Manager





Jelena Ilic

Human Resource

With over 250 Magento Commerce webshop implementations we are one of the most experienced players in the market. Below is a small part of our Magento portfolio . For these clients, we have built the Magento webshop where we used one or more extensions that we have developed (these are most often connections to major ERP or POS systems).

frontend development

Nikola Vukic

Senior Frontend Developer

Aleksandar Markovic

Senior Frontend Developer

Nenad Cvetkovic

Frontend Developer


Marko Pantic

Frontend Developer



Bojan Bozinoski

Frontend Developer



backend development

Nebojsa Djordjevic

Team Lead

Vesna Slavkovic

Senior Backend Developer




Milica Bulajic

QA Engineer

Marge Sandberg



Branko Petrovic

financial data analyst

Marko Jovanovic

Data Analyst

Dragan Vidanovic

office manager

Maja Krstic

Office Manager


Give us a reason to hire you :)
Why are you interested in working for us? What are your skills, experiences etc?




  • Development of new Magento themes
  • Unique design implementation into custom Magento themes
  • Use GIT VCS during development
  • Record activities in internal tracking system
  • Follow Coding standards


  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
  • Experience with SASS/LESS; Bootstrap, Foundation
  • Excellent knowledge of PHP and JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of vanilla JS, knockout.js, React.js, Redux
  • Excellent English knowledge and communication skills
  • Experience with VCS (version control systems)
  • Experience with Magneto projects is an advantage


  • Challenging working environment with lots of highly motivated and enthusiastic experts
  • Developing together in a spirit of mutual benefit and lots of fun
  • Possibility for a permanent contract
  • Great location in the city center
  • Family atmosphere where you are allowed to express your unity openly, feel accepted as at home and be supported by integrity
  • Great time with Younify team in Team building activities
  • Your application will be collected in our candidate base and as soon as we start selection process, all applicants will be contacted.

    Attach files ( resume, portfolio, recommendation letters...) *
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