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Developing with Magento Hyvä?

Do you want even faster pages and better performance for your Magento webshop? Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your visitors, sales, and Google ranking? And would you prefer to treat your customers to an even better user experience while reducing the bounce rate and downtime?

It’s all possible with a Magento Hyvä webshop! According to our many years of Magento experts, Hyvä is a strategically intelligent choice to take your web store further for several reasons. Our certified e-commerce specialists have been working with Hyvä Magento for years with great satisfaction and success. We are happy to tell you why!

What is Magento Hyvä?

Want to take your Magento webshop to the next level? This can be done professionally, cheaply, and easily with the basic Hyvä theme. We think having a Magento Hyvä webshop made is an excellent idea for many. This basic template for Magento can be used to build a custom Magento webshop or further develop your existing one.

The founders promise an alternative to Magento 2 Frontend with reduced complexity, better performance, and improved developer experience. They eliminate heavy JS libraries and simplify the stylesheet, among other things. The terms Hyvä Magento or Magento Hyvä are often used interchangeably in practice, which is why we also do this here for the sake of recognizability.

What does Magento Hyvä solve?

Do you have a Magento 2 webshop? Then you will probably recognize the slow performance and speed, but you will like it much less. Fortunately, something has now been found. With the Hyvä front-end template, every Magento 2 webshop gets a performance boost and a better user experience.

With Hyvä Magento, a shop can also be built faster, more search engine friendly, with a lower budget and less bounce. The result? A modern, ultra-fast, smooth, and affordable browser and back-end experience. So you, as a webshop owner, are happy, and all your visitors are delighted. Bring on that higher conversion!

Hyvä webshop: why should you choose it?

Perhaps the biggest or at least the most famous advantage of a Hyvä Magento webshop? That is, of course, the page load speed. While the page speed of Magento itself often only scores around 60-70, a Hyvä webshop easily achieves a page speed of 90-95. And that on both mobile devices and the desktop.

Everyone knows how important this is. Every minute counts, especially with online store sales. Fortunately, Hyvä Magento can significantly increase the loading speed of your web pages. And that affects the number of visitors who drop out and the conversion in your store. So you attract more visitors for a longer period and sell more!

In addition, a Hyvä webshop is very search engine friendly. For example, the tool processes comment from Google easily and meet all the requirements for a good ranking. Of course, other templates exist, but the Hyvä template has the most advantages regarding a better-performing Magento webshop.

Advantages of Magento Hyvä

  • Magento Hyvä increases your chance of conversions
  • Hyvä Magento ensures more website visitors
  • Fast loading time and high Core Web Vitals scores with Hyvä
  • Magento Hyvä offers a better development experience

Cost of Hyvä development with Younify

The average price for a Magento Hyvä webshop is difficult to say in advance and depends on several preconditions, your wishes, and needs. But we can already tell you that Hyvä will only save you costs in the long run. With more visitors, longer visits, and more sales, you will have earned back the costs of an investment in the Hyvä template in no time.

Hyvä Magento webshop drastically increases your webshop’s performance, conversion, and user experience, but it also delivers a better developer experience and a friendlier and more accessible development environment. This irrevocably leads to more straightforward and faster maintenance and cost savings while you earn it back easily and quickly in all kinds of ways.

Webshop Support

Pay As You Go

  • Development/Staging Server Maintenance
  • Version Control Maintenance
  • Access to the Ticketing System
  • Support Manager (Phone/Email)
  • Monthly Health Checks

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Webshop Support


Includes PAYG

  • + Bug Fixes
  • + Style Fixes
  • + Webshop Improvements
  • + Module Installation
  • + Module Updates
  • + Magento Patches
  • + Magento Upgrade

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Webshop Support


Includes BASIC

  • + Help with Content
  • + Developing Custom Modules/Functionality
  • + Integration with 3rd Party System
  • + Importer / Exporter Development and Maintenance
  • + Code Optimisations
  • + Performance Monitoring and Optimisation

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Ready to switch to Hyvä? Contact us!

We have tried explaining why your Magento webshop benefits enormously from a Hyvä template. We have mentioned the main benefits, features, and other things, but there is much more. Would you like to read more about Hyvä Magento and why we think it is the tool of the future? Read in this blog why we think Hyvä is a game changer.

Would you like to discover what Hyvä can do for your webshop? Let yourself be inspired by our business cases from other customers in our portfolio. Or let us clarify the benefits of your e-commerce in a no-obligation conversation. It is not for nothing that we have been specialists in the design, construction, and implementation of Magento and Hyvä for many years.

Are you already convinced of the many benefits of this template for your Magento Hyvä webshop? Then let’s get started together and take your webshop to the next level with Hyvä. Do you want to take a further lead in e-commerce and further professionalize your store? Feel free to contact us to discover all the opportunities that Hyvä can offer you!