Optimise Your Magento Webshop

Achieve Peak Performance with Hyva Magento!

Do you want even faster pages and better performance for your Magento webshop? Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your visitors, sales, and rankings? Would you prefer to treat your customers with an even better user experience while reducing the bounce rate and downtime?

It’s all possible with a Hyvä webshop! Based on our many years of working with Magento, Hyvä is a strategically intelligent choice to take your web store to the next level for several reasons. And we are happy to tell you why!

What is Magento Hyvä?

Hyvä theme offers a streamlined and efficient alternative to traditional Magento 2 themes. It addresses frontend performance issues and reduces development costs and time to market. With Hyvä, you can professionally create or enhance a Magento webshop quickly and affordably.

Hyvä is a simpler Magento 2 theme that eliminates heavy JS libraries, improving performance and the developer experience. Opt for a Hyvä Magento webshop for a faster, more effective e-commerce solution.

What does Magento Hyvä solve?

Poor Performance

Frustrating your customers

You know you have experienced slow webshops on the Magento platform and aren’t the only one. Without some serious development, that was the Magento reality.

Complex development

Frustrating your developers

You know that merchants’ time is precious. And we gave everything to shorten the development process, but it was sometimes still unnecessarily complex.

Lagging conversion rates

Frustrating your sales

Slow websites, poor user experience and inability to quickly respond to opportunities for improvement. Ingredients for optimal conversion rates were missing.

Do you want these things solved in no time? Contact us now!

    Our Hyvä project portfolio


    Extreme Intimo

    Besselink Licht

    24 Bedding


    Solo Solis

    Younify is Hyvä Gold Partner Agency.

    We’re grateful that Younify achieved yet another important and outstanding achievement, such as the status of a Hyva Gold Partner!

    As trusted partners, we have collaborated closely with Hyva to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. Our journey together has been marked by innovation, trust, and commitment to excellence.

    Younify’s team recognizes the value that Hyva brings to the Magento world. Their cutting-edge technology and dedication to empowering e-commerce businesses have been crucial in shaping the e-commerce scene. 🚀

    Hyvä Webshop: Why Should You Choose it?

    And how to get it?

    What is the most significant or most famous advantage of a Hyvä Magento? That is, of course, the page load speed. While the page speed of a Magento webshop itself often only scores around 60-70, a Hyvä webshop easily achieves a page speed of 90-95. And that on both mobile devices and the desktop, believe it or not. Everyone knows how important this is—every second counts, especially with online store sales.

    The next question is how to get Hyvä webshop. And the answer is quite simple.
    With agency which is Hyvä trusted partner!

    Hyvä is real game-changer,

    so we organised Hyvä Meetup 2023!

    We think Hyvä is very important to the Magento community, so we recently organised Hyvä Meetup 2023, and we’re excited to share how it went with you. Our event brought together e-commerce enthusiasts, developers, and experts for insightful presentations and networking sessions. We had a great lineup of speakers who offered invaluable insights into Hyvä and Magento.

    See how it went here!

    Thank to the industry experts who shared their knowledge, experiences and vision for the future of Magento. See you soon again!

    Transition to Hyva Magento 2?

    It’s possible wherever you’re coming from

    We have you covered if you’re coming from a Magento Luma or, another theme setup or a completely different platform! As a 100% Magento-dedicated agency, we know that with Magento & Hyva, the sky is the limit, so we have got you covered if you find limitations in your current platform. We have mentioned the main benefits, features, and other things, but there is much more to the benefits of transitioning to Magento Hyva.

    Are you already convinced by the many benefits of the Hyva theme for your webshop? Then, let’s get started together and take your webshop to the next level. Do you want to take a further lead in e-commerce and further professionalise your store? Feel free to contact us to discover all the opportunities that Hyvä can offer you!

    Discover Hyvä, the Magento game-changer that will transform your webshop. Learn more here.