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Developing Magento Hyvä shop?

Do you want even faster pages and better performance for your Magento webshop? Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your visitors, sales, and rankings? Would you prefer to treat your customers with an even better user experience while reducing the bounce rate and downtime?

It’s all possible with a Hyvä webshop! Based on our many years of working with Magento, Hyvä is a strategically intelligent choice to take your web store to the next level for several reasons. Our certified e-commerce specialists, with years of client satisfaction and success, recognised Hyvä as a true game-changer for every Magento merchant. We are happy to tell you why!

What is Magento Hyvä?

Hyvä theme is a less complicated and time-saving alternative to traditional Magento 2 themes. The main goal of Hyvä is to solve Magento’s frontend issues that lead to poor performance and cut down development costs and time to market. This is now achievable professionally, cheaply, and efficiently. We think having a Magento Hyvä webshop made is an excellent idea for many. This simple yet effective theme for Magento can be used to build a custom Magento webshop from ground zero or further develop your existing one.

The founders promise an alternative to Magento 2 frontend with reduced complexity, better performance, and improved developer experience. They eliminate heavy JS libraries and simplify the stylesheet, among other things.

What does Magento Hyvä solve?

Poor Performance

Frustrating your customers

You know you have experienced slow webshops on the Magento platform and aren’t the only one. Without some serious development, that was the Magento reality.

Complex development

Frustrating your developers

You know that merchants’ time is precious. And we gave everything to shorten the development process, but it was sometimes still unnecessarily complex.

Lagging conversion rates

Frustrating your sales

Slow websites, poor user experience and inability to quickly respond to opportunities for improvement. Ingredients for optimal conversion rates were missing.

If you have a Magento 2 webshop, then you probably know the problems mentioned above. Fortunately, we now have Hyvä. With the Hyvä front-end simplistic structure, every Magento 2 webshop gets a performance boost with better conversion rates while reducing development time and complexity.

With Hyvä, a shop can also be built faster, more search engine friendly, with a lower budget and less bounce. The result? A modern, ultra-fast, smooth, and affordable e-commerce solution. So you, as a webshop owner, are happy, and all your visitors are delighted.

Hyvä webshop: why should you choose it?

Perhaps the most significant or most famous advantage of a Hyvä Magento webshop? That is, of course, the page load speed. While the page speed of Magento itself often only scores around 60-70, a Hyvä webshop easily achieves a page speed of 90-95. And that on both mobile devices and the desktop.

Everyone knows how important this is—every second counts, especially with online store sales. Fortunately, Hyvä can significantly increase the loading speed of your web pages. And that affects the number of visitors who drop out and the conversion in your store. So you attract more visitors for a more extended period and sell more!

In addition, a Hyvä webshop is very search engine friendly. For example, the tool processes comments from Google easily and meets all the requirements for a good ranking. Of course, other themes exist, but the Hyvä theme has the most advantages regarding a better-performing Magento webshop.

“Over the last couple of years, Adobe / Magento faced heavy competition from other e-commerce software solutions. Shopify, Shopware and others were able to gain popularity over Magento. The most heard reasons for this shift were coding complexity and performance. With Hyvä, the cards have turned again in favour of Magento. Less complexity and the best performance in the market. It’s no longer a struggle to pass the Google Core Web Vitals.”

Emile Koolstra, Owner of Younify

Hyvä is real game-changer,

so we organised Hyvä Meetup 2023!

We think Hyvä is very important to the Magento community, so we recently organised Hyvä Meetup 2023, and we’re excited to share how it went with you. Our event brought together e-commerce enthusiasts, developers, and experts for insightful presentations and networking sessions. We had a great lineup of speakers who offered invaluable insights into Hyvä and Magento.

The event was a great opportunity to connect with peers, exchange experiences, and gather practical insights to later apply in your e-commerce ventures. Click the button below to check out our Meetup page and see how it went.

See how it went here!

Thank to the industry experts who shared their knowledge,

experiences and vision for the future of Magento. See you soon again!

Cost of Hyvä development with us

The average price for a Magento Hyvä webshop is challenging to say in advance and depends on several preconditions, your wishes, and needs. But we can already tell you that Hyvä will save you money in the long term. With more visitors, conversions, and more sales, you will earn back the costs of an investment in Hyvä development in no time.

Also, we’re about 30% more cost-effective than other development companies… Contact us now to learn how!

Magento webshop drastically increases your webshop’s performance, conversion, and user experience, but it also delivers a better developer experience and a friendlier and more accessible development environment.

Webshop Support

Pay As You Go

  • Development/Staging Server Maintenance
  • Version Control Maintenance
  • Access to the Ticketing System
  • Support Manager (Phone/Email)
  • Monthly Health Checks

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Webshop Support


Includes PAYG

  • + Bug Fixes
  • + Style Fixes
  • + Webshop Improvements
  • + Module Installation
  • + Module Updates
  • + Magento Patches
  • + Magento Upgrade

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Webshop Support


Includes BASIC

  • + Help with Content
  • + Developing Custom Modules/Functionality
  • + Integration with 3rd Party System
  • + Importer / Exporter Development and Maintenance
  • + Code Optimisations
  • + Performance Monitoring and Optimisation

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Ready to switch to Hyvä? Contact us!

We have tried explaining why your Magento webshop benefits enormously from a Hyvä theme. We have mentioned the main benefits, features, and other things, but there is much more.

Are you already convinced by the many benefits of Hyvä for your Magento Hyvä webshop? Then, let’s get started together and take your webshop to the next level. Do you want to take a further lead in e-commerce and further professionalise your store? Feel free to contact us to discover all the opportunities that Hyvä can offer you!

    Discover Hyvä, the Magento game-changer that will transform your webshop. Learn more here.