Why Magento support?

Have you built a webshop with Magento, or have you done this yourself? Great, but unfortunately, you’re not there yet. The work begins then. Magento support is, therefore, so critical. Without good Magento support, your store will be out of date quickly, and all investments will be short-lived and perhaps even for nothing. And wouldn’t that be a pity for all your effort, money, and commitment?

Think of new modules, extensions, and themes that will come on the market later and can significantly improve your store. Or you are making the store responsive or just search engine optimisation for a high Google ranking. It is all so essential in the battle on the internet. Is that what you want? The competition is cutthroat, and you can pass by in the market.

What Magento support is for?

Every Magento specialist in our team is an expert in this open-source software. With our years of experience and knowledge of Magento, we can take a wide variety of activities off your hands:

  • Responsive design or mobile pages
  • SEO optimalisation
  • Page load optimization
  • Import or export of articles
  • Integration of payment options
  • Manage webshop / catalog
  • Make important updates
  • Resolve conflicting extensions with 3rd parties
  • Install Magento patches
  • Installation & third-party extension configuration
  • Configuration of a multistore

What to look for in Magento support?

Do you want to be present online or have more customers, dedication, and sales? Good Magento support for your e-commerce can make that difference. But which Magento specialist do you choose? There are many options, and the differences may seem small at first sight. We give some essential tips that you can pay attention to when choosing your support partner.

First, your Magento specialist’s experience working with the software is significant. How do the Magento specialists work, on what basis, and for how many hours? Do your research and weigh up the pros and cons. Can you call them day and night in case of problems or do you always have to wait for the next working day? When selling online, time is money, and every minute your store is down counts. Looking for a party that understands this and helps you quickly is essential.

Support from our Magento specialists

Our team of dedicated Magento experts is ready to help you with your Magento webshop. Small webshop problems, major changes, or Magento updates? No problem; every Magento specialist has years of experience and is certified to keep your online business running safely and smoothly 24/7. We have everything for 100% Magento support for the best version of your webshop!

Benefits of a Younify Magento expert:

  • Excellent price / quality ratio
  • 10 years of experience with Magento
  • E-commerce management experts
  • 100% Magento dedicated team
  • 24/7 support for your webshop
  • Monthly hours reserved only for your webshop(s)


Our options for Magento support

We offer fixed monthly support or Magento support on a call-off basis. With one of these, you will not only get help in emergencies. We also provide additional support for all common issues in your Magento webshop. Our dedicated team of experts is always there for you and prioritizes your issues. Our support packages are designed to keep your webshop in perfect condition 24/7.

24/7 Magento help for your webshop

From the moment customers visit your webshop, this requires extra attention. It is a 24/7 live product that deserves continuous care and awareness for the best result. E-commerce competition is fierce, and every minute of downtime counts. If that one store strikes, you are behind all the facts. Is that what you want? Or no?

Do you want your webshop never to cause problems, to be down, or up and running again as soon as possible? That’s why you can always reach us 24/7. Whether that is for solving malfunctions and problems, installing new functionalities and modules, or other maintenance… We are available for you day and night and every minute.

Which Magento support package is right for you?

Webshop Support

Pay As You Go

  • Development/Staging Server Maintenance
  • Version Control Maintenance
  • Access to the Ticketing System
  • Support Manager (Phone/Email)
  • Monthly Health Checks

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Webshop Support


Includes PAYG

  • + Bug Fixes
  • + Style Fixes
  • + Webshop Improvements
  • + Module Installation
  • + Module Updates
  • + Magento Patches
  • + Magento Upgrade

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Webshop Support


Includes BASIC

  • + Help with Content
  • + Developing Custom Modules/Functionality
  • + Integration with 3rd Party System
  • + Importer / Exporter Development and Maintenance
  • + Code Optimisations
  • + Performance Monitoring and Optimisation

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Pay for what you use

Do you only need support in acute emergencies? Do you have any questions about using your Magento webshop? Then we have a package for you that exactly fits your occasional wishes. The PAYG package is ideal for companies who have yet to be ready for a complete support program but can use our support at essential moments.

Or choose everything you need

With our other two support packages – Basic and Standard – you can also access particular services, such as premium support for professional Magento webshops. You can be sure your business will continue to run without problems regarding webshop security, updates, and careful testing. But with the help of a permanent support manager, this is also improved so that you can be sure you are achieving maximum results with your Magento webshop.

Want to learn more about Magento support?
Then we would like to get in touch with you!

At Younify, we know that collaboration is essential for the success of our customers, and many customers have preceded you. What can our Magento support do for your organisation? Feel free to go through our portfolio with Magento webshops that we successfully maintain and improve for our customers.

From the moment customers visit your webshop, this requires extra attention. It is a 24/7 live product that deserves continuous care and awareness for the best result. Because we have been specialists for many years, we can show you all the possibilities for professional Magento support very concretely. Ask us about the options without obligation to make your webshop perform even better.

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