Magento E-commerce Management?


Do you have a professional Magento webshop and want to be assured that it works at the highest level? Do you want to place your online business in certified Magento e-commerce management specialists’ hands? Are you looking for a reliable, decades-experienced, and affordable partner to optimally manage your e-commerce and bring it to the highest level?

Please feel free to contact us regarding the Magento e-commerce management of your webshop. We are the right choice for you. With our many years of up-to-date and extensive specialisation, we do this very professionally and result-oriented, whether it concerns updating your webshop content, optimising user experiences, or creating conversion-enhancing banner campaigns.

Our Magento e-commerce managers are certified and specialised, with years of experience developing diverse, innovative, and practical solutions for e-commerce management. In addition, with our Magento specialist, you always have a permanent and 24/7 contact point to work on your webshop. Professional and dedicated to you.


Optimise your webshop with an E-commerce manager

If you are seeking an experienced e-commerce manager for effective webshop optimisation, it’s now possible with our Premium and Enterprise support packages. After all, the battle for the online visitor’s attention is fierce on the internet, and every improvement counts. Optimising your Magento webshop with the help of professional e-commerce management is, therefore, almost essential. You don’t want to see your competitor pass you by. Fortunately, you don’t have to if you enlist the help of an e-commerce manager.

Good e-commerce management means significantly better performance. Just think of a faster page load time and a better user experience. Online, almost every second counts, especially when visitors decide to make a purchase. Over the years, our Magento e-commerce managers have gathered extensive expertise in Google analytics, content editing, SEO, and other analyses and optimisation tricks. With your e-commerce manager, you ensure razor-sharp webshop optimisation.

What does a Younify e-commerce manager do?

One of our e-commerce managers will mainly support you strategically.
Building, developing, and supporting are mainly technical and substantive; an e-commerce manager is mainly there to optimise your webshop.
This means that he is constantly busy analysing your webshop. Where are things going well, where are things going wrong, and what could be improved?
This is a process of continuous monitoring, measuring, analysing, adjusting, and optimising.

Our e-commerce manager can help you with:

  • Update web store content
  • Product content analysis
  • Content analysis and optimisation
  • Banner campaigns
  • Technical support analysis
  • Marketplace(s) monitoring
  • Page speed analysis and optimisation
  • Google analytics analysis
  • Conversion analysis and optimisation
  • User Experience(s) Optimisation

Achieving e-commerce growth with Younify’s consultants

A professional e-commerce consultant is ready to help you with your Magento e-commerce management. Our Magento specialist has years of experience and is certified to ensure that your online business performs safely and smoothly 24/7 at the highest level. We have everything in-house for maximum growth of your e-commerce. Call our Magento e-commerce management today for the best version of your webshop!

100% of our e-commerce management = 100% e-commerce growth for your webshop!

Benefits of a Younify e-commerce consultant:

  • Excellent price / quality ratio
  • More than 10 years of experience with Magento
  • Content analysis and optimisation
  • 100% Magento dedicated team
  • E-commerce management experts
  • Everything in-house; from construction to support
  • 24/7 support for your webshop
  • Monthly hours reserved only for your webshop(s)

Our E-commerce Management Packages

E-commerce Management

Pay As You Go

  • Contact of our E-commerce Manager phone/email/on location
  • E-commerce Consultation


– No contractual obligation

– Pay by the hour

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E-commerce Management


  • Webshop Content Editing
  • Product Content Analytics
  • Content Analytics & Optimisation
  • Banner Campaigns
  • Technical Support Analytics
  • Marketplaces Monitoring
  • Page Speed Analytics & Optimisation
  • Google Analytics Monitoring
  • Conversion Analytics & Optimisation
  • User Experience Optimisation

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E-commerce strategy and tailor-made advice

Your webshop requires extra attention when you want to make online sales. After all, it is a 24/7 live business that deserves continuous care, time, and awareness for the best result. Competition in the e-commerce field is fierce, and every improvement counts. If you don’t keep track of this, your visitors will walk to the competitor.

That is optional if you provide a well-thought-out and detailed e-commerce strategy. Where are you, where do you want to go, and how, with what and when? It is essential to know which strategic choices to make. You need to think about it to do something, and your efforts seem more like blanks that may have few results.

As specialised e-commerce specialists focused on Magento for many years, we have seen this platform grow. That is why we literally and figuratively know all the ins and outs, weaknesses or strengths, opportunities, threats, and problems and solutions for this number 1 e-commerce platform in the world.

Ready to grow? Then contact us right now!

Are you looking for the next step in webshop optimisation, and are you looking for an experienced partner who can take care of your e-commerce management? Are you ready for maximum growth of your e-commerce, and are you looking for a reliable e-commerce consultant who can solve all your problems? Challenge us by submitting your ambition and requirements to us!

At Younify, we know collaboration is essential for our customer’s success, so we work on your project as partners. You say how you want it, and we develop it or advise how to do it together to grow together. Many companies preceded you in their online success. You can view them in our portfolio of Magento webshops that we successfully improve for our clients.

We have been specialists for many years; we can show you all the possibilities for professional e-commerce management very concretely. Feel free to ask us about the options to make your webshop perform even better.

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