At Younify, we know that partnerships are essential to the success of our customers. Together, we will help you expand your business! Throughout the years of hard work, our partner list has grown along with our experience in developing Magento stores. Working closely with highly reliable partners helps to gain a better results for your business. Check them out, contact them and elevate your business to the new heights!

Hyvä Theme

Hyvä is a Magento theme that simplifies frontend development and makes delivering merchants’ custom requirements much more accessible. Hyvä theme is designed to be fast, lightweight, and easy to customise. Hyvä's unique approach to frontend development allows them to deliver exceptional user experiences that are beautiful and functional. Hyvä is THE answer if you're looking for success on the Magento platform.


WebElephant is a dynamic marketing agency from the Netherlands that seamlessly blends intelligent marketing strategies with robust technological solutions. With over 12 years of online experience, their in-house team of developers and savvy marketers is responsible for delivering accurate and visible results. As both an online marketing and website development agency, WebElephant provides clear solutions to e-commerce clients. They also have your back, from SEO, SEA, and CRO to custom webshop features.


Intercube takes managed hosting to a new level. You focus on building your application, while they focus only on delivery. They provide powerful, dedicated bare metal servers to the customers to ensure that the clients get the best performance possible. They also have in-house experts who can help you find a solution for any technical issue, but because they partner with services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, the technical issues are less likely ever to happen. Intercube also manages all your services through the Intercube Customer Portal.


Channable is a data feed management tool for online marketing agencies and advertisers. The all-in-one tool includes many features such as data feed optimization, product listings for marketplaces, order connections, generating dynamic text ads and an Analytics connection. Just import your items with a feed, API or one of our eCommerce plugins. You can even combine multiple data sources from different systems. Take advantage of our international expertise to advertise anywhere.


Fooman offers quality Magento extensions that are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry. Our extensions have been downloaded more than 100 000 times for Magento stores in 70+ countries


OneStepCheckout is the #1 Checkout Extension for Magento stores that increases conversion rate by reducing cart abandonment. We provide a simple and fully responsive checkout that is also easy for merchants to install and customize both for Magento 1 and Magento 2.We are the absolute experts on Checkout and Conversion since 2010, providing the best quality product and support service at all time. That’s why we are trusted by over 20,000 Magento stores worldwide.

"Younify was an early adopter of OneStepCheckout back in 2009 and we've had a great partnership with Younify ever since."

Thien Lan Weber, OneStepCheckout


Buckaroo is a leading Payment Service Provider in the Netherlands with over 10 years experience in online payments, subscription processing and credit management. Currently more than 5,000 companies use Buckaroo's payment solutions.


The best performance. The sharpest price. Our exclusive focus on Magento is an important explanation for our unique performance. That's something else. Hipex has an obsession with new technology. We are always the first to dare the old and embrace the new one. That gives us - and you - a very big head start. Of course we are Magento 2 ready. Ask why our rates are so sharp. Provided: that is a relative given. We consider the market for hosting quite a bit. What also helps is the high level of self-reliance that comes from our highly acclaimed hosting panel. Whoever hosts Hipex needs little support.

Discover Hyvä, the Magento game-changer that will transform your webshop. Learn more here.