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Are you looking for the best performance in your e-commerce? Do you want more visitors, more sales, a higher ranking, faster pages, less bounce and excellent user experience? Do you also want to maintain your web store yourself quickly and easily?

A Magento webshop is the best choice in most cases. And we say that not only because we have been working with it for years, but also because we have seen many successes with all our customers. We are happy to tell you why having a Magento webshop made is a brilliant idea.

What is a Magento webshop?

A Magento webshop is a webshop that is made with Adobe / Magento software and a CMS system linked to it. But what is Magento, and how does it work, you will undoubtedly wonder. Magento is, therefore, the complete package to build a web store from the front and back and is currently the most popular among e-commerce entrepreneurs. Worldwide, at least 66% of webshop entrepreneurs opt for Magento because of its professionalism and support.

How does a Magento webshop work?

How does Magento work? A Magento webshop first works based on open source software and CMS system. This means there are many relatively cheap or even free expansion options. What you can easily build up in the CMS at the back can be seen as a smooth user experience at the front. If more customization is required, this can also be done with handy themes; more about this later. But for a quick start, everyone should be able to handle the basics.

Magento offers three packages to build your online store:

  • A free Community edition
  • The paid Enterprise edition
  • The GO package (based on monthly payment)

Magento website

Did you know that Magento websites make up 26% of all e-commerce websites, which is more than any other e-commerce platform in the world? The market. Thanks to the many free or cheap themes, you can easily design or further expand your Magento website. With these ready-made designs, you can create your beautiful webshop relatively inexpensively and quickly.

The same goes for the many extensions that can be found in the open community and are used to increase the functionality of your website. You can easily install these extensions e.g. payment modules, cross-sell functions, or a blog without reinventing the wheel.

What about links to other systems? Magento has thousands of links with external parties for a perfect collaboration. And if the link does not exist, it can be made by an experienced partner in open-source software.

Magento software

Magento software is the so-called open source software for e-commerce, the basis for your webshop. This means many people watch, think along, and help develop extensions, links, and themes for free or cheaply. This allows you to personalize and further expand your webshop easily, quickly and fairly cheaply. Making your Magento webshop completely custom-made is also an option with the help of the right Magento partner.

Why choose a Magento webshop?

Why Magento is our favourite platform for building webshops? Mainly due to its scalability, conversion, and search engine optimisation, in addition, a Magento webshop is easy to use and has a loyal and active community.

There is an answer, a free or cheap link, an extension, or a theme for every problem. That gives you a considerable advantage, freedom, and flexibility. This also makes it possible to personalise your webshop quickly and relatively cheaply.

Magento 2 webshop

Magento has recently developed considerably as a software and CMS. For example, the older Magento 1 has now been replaced by the free, open-source platform Magento 2. The platform is now owned by Adobe, which has launched a commercial and more expensive SaaS variant in addition to the free version.

We now build all Magento webshops with Magento 2 software. The reason is that Magento 1 is no longer supported and can no longer be updated. So do you want a new webshop? Then, it is best to have a Magento 2 webshop made immediately.

If your webshop is still running in Magento 1, it is essential to switch to a Magento 2 webshop. After all, Magento 1 is no longer supported. Migrating is tricky and time-consuming, but we can help you make it smooth, hassle-free, and fast.

Magento Hyvä

Want to take your Magento webshop to the next level? This can be done very professionally with the Hyvä theme… Our certified e-commerce specialists, with years of client satisfaction and success, recognised Hyvä as a true game-changer for every Magento merchant. For several reasons, having a Magento Hyvä webshop made is a strategically brilliant idea. But how, why, and what results? We will tell you that below, or , you can check our Hyvä page right away!

What is Magento Hyvä?

Perhaps the most significant or most famous advantage of a Hyvä Magento webshop? That is, of course, the page load speed. While the page speed of Magento itself often only scores around 60-70, a Hyvä webshop easily achieves a page speed of 90-95. And that on both mobile devices and the desktop.

Everyone knows how important this is—every second counts, especially with online store sales. Fortunately, Hyvä can significantly increase the loading speed of your web pages. And that affects the number of visitors who drop out and the conversion in your store. So you attract more visitors for a more extended period and sell more!

In addition, a Hyvä webshop is very search engine friendly. For example, the tool processes comments from Google easily and meets all the requirements for a good ranking. Of course, other themes exist, but the Hyvä theme has the most advantages regarding a better-performing Magento webshop. So do you also want to have a Magento Hyvä webshop? That is often a brilliant investment, and you can learn more about that process on our Hyvä page here!

Pricing for Magento webshop development

What is the average Magento webshop price? People sometimes ask us. That is a difficult question because the costs depend entirely on what you want and your specific wishes. And whether you hire us for this on an ad hoc basis or a monthly, fixed basis.

You can get started with the free, open-source variant yourself, but that will require a lot of implementation and research time. Handing over to an experienced specialist is often more effective, less time-consuming, and cost-saving.

Although Magento 2 is free to download, you pay for extras such as plugins, extensions, links, hosting, and extensions. These costs can quickly amount to 1500 euros per year. We make your Magento webshop with the professional and commercial Magento you have; moreover, it is often not the most obvious choice.

Magento Enterprise is much more expensive for the more professional. You then have much more options to personalise and expand the webshop. Complete customisation that meets all your wishes and needs with Magento is also possible. The price tag depends on what you want with your web store.

Webshop Support

Pay As You Go

  • Development/Staging Server Maintenance
  • Version Control Maintenance
  • Access to the Ticketing System
  • Support Manager (Phone/Email)
  • Monthly Health Checks

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Webshop Support


Includes PAYG

  • + Bug Fixes
  • + Style Fixes
  • + Webshop Improvements
  • + Module Installation
  • + Module Updates
  • + Magento Patches
  • + Magento Upgrade

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Webshop Support


Includes BASIC

  • + Help with Content
  • + Developing Custom Modules/Functionality
  • + Integration with 3rd Party System
  • + Importer / Exporter Development and Maintenance
  • + Code Optimisations
  • + Performance Monitoring and Optimisation

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