Our Mission

Younify’ mission is to help it’s clients in the ever changing e-commerce environment by developing and supporting high quality Magento stores.

Our Vision

We want to be the preferred Magento partner over a longer period of time for our clients and the preferred employer for our dedicated team of professionals.

Values which we unify and admire:

In Younify, we are focused on two things: The people and the work. This intangible quality is called a fit. All people are equally recognized and valued for their work and commitment. On the other hand we strongly take care of the people we hire, choosing ones with the core values which we admire:







Accepting challenges

In Younify, success is measured in the terms of the success of our clients. Whether it is about Magento products, services or support we constantly deliver leading solutions. Younify provide all that thanks to our talented and strongly dedicated team, so we take care of our employees giving them opportunities for advancement, learning and development. What we have is a flexible and collaborative environment where passionate individuals work and develop as a cohesive team. In our company, we achieved to maintain a culture, which demonstrates values and high ethic as well as makes the employees feel appreciated, supported and proud of their work.


We are committed to deliver the best Magento Commerce shops. Our experienced team will help you succeed in the continuously changing e-commerce landscape. With our custom developed designs & strong development team we are always ready to take on your challenge!

more... EMILE KOOLSTRA, Owner

Why work with us?

Younify is not only a company it is also a great team and culture where people are treated like humans and worthy workers. We grow, develop and feel like a team. Employees are allowed to express their unity openly, feel accepted as at home and be supported by integrity.

Team of educated and trained
Magento professionals

Excellent communication
and customer service

We always deliver more
and don't complain about it :-)

Younify is, officially, part of the
worldwide Magento community

12+ years clients
in the Nederlands

We are recognized as leading
Magento dev company in RS

Our team is very
open and outgoing

We take care of people &
good atmosphere

Younify strongly encourages
continuous pro dev

Travelling together, visits to conferences, socializing after work, lots of fun and team-building activities as well as the possibility of training and professional advancement are just some of the benefits which we offer our employees, with the vision to grow and develop together.

What we provide to our employees

Great companies know that investing in employees ensures professionalism and employee’s satisfaction because satisfied professionals are the ones who make the company grows. Younify, not only knows this but also applies it to the maximum level bringing value to people through their development, motivation, satisfaction, personal and career growth. We do everything in order to bring out the best in people and empower the employees to use their highest potential.

– Professional opportunity in one of the leading Magento development companies in the region
– Challenging working environment with lots of highly motivated and enthusiastic experts
– Apartment at sea side in Greece for employees and their families
– An annual leave of at least 21 free working days
– Paid leave (besides respecting all public holidays, there are also paid days for maternity and paternity, marriage, moving, giving blood, illness or other difficult conditions of life)
– Great location in the city center
– As we are coffee lovers, you can choose your favorite flavor among many different types which we offer, and you can enjoy it on a balcony.
– Possibility to travel abroad for clients visits and conferences
– Developing together in a spirit of mutual benefit and lots of fun
– Family atmosphere where you are allowed to express your unity openly, feel accepted as at home and be supported by integrity.
– Competitive salary
– Possibility for a permanent contract
– Onboarding program for new employees with people who are dedicated to you, so you will adapt to of our team very easily and quickly
– Opportunity for training and getting Magento certificate
– Great time with Younify team in team building activities
– Visiting lots of interesting conferences with colleagues











quality control



Where we contributed

As a company, Younify recognized the importance of helping local community from the very beginning. That’s why we respond to almost every call for help or participation within charity activities. In 2016 and 2017 we participated in charity basketball tournament to support the rebuilt of local schools. Since we recognize the future in e-commerce, we also recognize that helping each other and our community is also part of a bright and strong future to which we aspire. Our team members are not only experts in their work; they are huge humanitarians, regular blood donors for many years and great people with big hearts.

We especially care about young people in our city so we support “ITU’s Girls in ICT Day” every year. ITU’s Girls in ICT Day initiative is a global effort to encourage girls and young women to consider studies and careers in information and communication technologies (ICT). On “ICT Day” we are welcoming young girls in Younify and meet them with our working women who successfully deal with “male” occupations.

In addition of the care and attention to young people, we give the opportunity to those who have the knowledge but do not have the practice to acquire it at our company. We are willing to help to young talented people who don’t have any experience in IT companies but they need it for any job position for starting a career. Often awesome ideas and thinking out of the box can be obtained from young minds who refresh the work spirit of the team and enter a new enthusiasm into our work environment.

Our employees testimonials

Evolution has been the key tenet of success over the past 11 years, and we have transformed from a single e-commerce client company into a company with a diversified portfolio of e-commerce offerings, servicing the needs of businesses of all types and sizes globally. It’s only been 7 years since I have arrived in Younify team, and the journey was like nothing I have to imagine and expected. One big goldmine of knowledge, learning from positive and helpful people, been given the opportunity to do projects and tasks has aided towards my work experience.

Vladimir Perić, Support Manager

Younify is place where you can work and grow with highly experienced IT professionals. The company has healthy working atmosphere with great dynamic team. All colleagues are kind and all work as a coherent team. If there is a problem, we are all working on it together, with no excuses. We are improving the English language daily through often communication with clients. At the last, but not least, if you give your best, all achievements are noticed and rewarded here, for sure.

Nenad Cvetković, Magento AllRound Developer

Since joining Younify in 2018 as a Magento Frontend Developer, not only am I surrounded by brilliant, friendly, and talented people, but I have been provided many opportunities for personal and professional development and growth. Younify unites a team of professionals and as someone who is always eager to learn new stuff and improve myself, I know I am at the right place!

Marko Pantić , Magento Frontend developer

Your shop has to be distinctive, unique and functional among all the other shops out there. With our knowledge and experience, our team is trying to recommend what is best for your business. From the home page through the product page and checkout, we form the user experience step by step, in the best way for your modern ecommerce webshop. We customize the layout of the pages to give the best impression to visitors and buyers. Take a look at our Portfolio page and see for yourself our creative potential.

Dragan Vidanović, Designer


We are hiring!

Give us reasons to hire you :)
Why are you interested in working with us, what are your most relevant skills, experiences etc.




  • Development of new Magento themes
  • Unique design implementation into custom Magento themes
  • Use GIT VCS during development
  • Record activities in internal tracking system
  • Follow Coding standards


  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
  • Experience with SASS/LESS; Bootstrap, Foundation
  • Excellent knowledge of PHP and JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of vanilla JS, knockout.js, React.js, Redux
  • Excellent English knowledge and communication skills
  • Experience with VCS (version control systems)
  • Experience with Magneto projects is an advantage


  • Challenging working environment with lots of highly motivated and enthusiastic experts
  • Developing together in a spirit of mutual benefit and lots of fun
  • Possibility for a permanent contract
  • Great location in the city center
  • Family atmosphere where you are allowed to express your unity openly, feel accepted as at home and be supported by integrity
  • Great time with Younify team in Team building activities
  • Your application will be collected in our candidate base and as soon as we start selection process, all applicants will be contacted.

      Attach files in PDF format ( resume, portfolio, recommendation letters...) *

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