It’s a wrap! We successfully talked about Magento’s game changer!

21. September 2023
Niš, Serbia

Poor Performance

Frustrating your customers

You know you have experienced slow webshops on the Magento platform and aren’t the only one. Without some serious development, that was the Magento reality.

That WAS the Magento reality. Now, the reality is easily achievable 90+ Pagespeed scores.

Complex development

Frustrating your developers

You know that merchants’ time is precious. And we gave everything to shorten the development process, but it was sometimes still unnecessarily complex.

That WAS the past. Now, the reality is easily achievable clients’ deadlines.

Lagging conversion rates

Frustrating your sales

Slow websites, poor user experience and inability to quickly respond to opportunities for improvement.

Ingredients for optimal conversion rates were missing. Now, the reality is an optimized conversion rate from the start!

This new reality has a name.
Hyvä Theme.

Come to our Hyvä Meetup 2023 in Niš, and let’s talk about these and other benefits of using the Hyvä theme on your Magento webshop!

Our attendees ended up with:

 Lasting Impact: Apply gained knowledge to help you make better decisions.

 Actionable Takeaways: Implement practical tips and techniques to build your first Hyvä store.

 Inspiring Triumphs: Be inspired by real Hyvä success stories and learn how you can implement industry best practices.

 Valuable Insights: Gain valuable insights into the future of Magento through engaging presentations, discussions, and real-life success stories.
 New connections: Corona is over. It’s time for the Magento community to come together again and catch-up. This Hyvä Meetup is the perfect opportunity to touch base again.

“Over the last couple of years, Adobe / Magento faced heavy competition from other e-commerce software solutions. Shopify, Shopware and others were able to gain popularity over Magento. The most heard reasons for this shift were coding complexity and performance. With Hyvä, the cards have turned again in favour of Magento. Less complexity and the best performance in the market. It’s no longer a struggle to pass the Google Core Web Vitals, for example. If you want to learn about this true game-changer in the Magento world, you should not miss out on this meet-up. Come to learn about Hyvä from experienced performance specialists, product owners and merchants.”

Emile Koolstra, Owner of Younify


Thank to the industry experts who shared their knowledge, experiences and vision for the future of Magento.

In addition to great speakers, a new concept was realised – the “Unconference” session! The non-conference session had no agenda nor official speakers but just a group of like-minded people chatting about various topics. An unconference session is a space with inspiring and positive energy.

We are glad visitors returned home with valuable information and fun experiences after our Meetup. And take a closer look at the exact agenda of our past event…

Time Presentation Speaker
09:30 – 10:00 Registration
10:00 – 10:40 Opening, How Hyvä got Magento back in the game Emile Koolstra – Owner of Younify
10:45 – 11:30 Hyvä and Site Performance – An experts view Erwin Hofman – Sitespeed Consultant
11:45 – 12:30 Developing my first Hyvä webshop – Tips to get you started Marko Pantić – Team Lead, Younify
12:30 – 13:15 Lunch break
13:15 – 14:00 How Hyvä Helped Ranking #1 Branko Petrovic – Product Owner, Maxifleur
14:15 – 15:00 How to make an extension Hyvä compatible Stefan Bojković – Full-stack Magento Developer
15:00 – 16:00 Unconference session / Ending


Dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable… experts

Emile Koolstra

Emile Koolstra

Owner of Younify

Erwin Hofman

Erwin Hofman

Web Performance Consultant

Saša Simonović 290x320

Marko Pantic

Team Lead, Younify

Branko Petrovic

Branko Petrovic

Product Owner, Maxifleur

Stefan Bojkovic

Stefan Bojković

Full-Stack Magento Developer

Next year maybe you?

Magento Hyvä Developer

Meetup Video

Good vibes!


Real people, real stories

“Thank you so much for the wonderful event and the delicious dinner. It was truly enjoyable. I hope we have the opportunity to meet again at the Niš Jazz Festival.”
Tomislav Bilić, Inchoo

“We want to thank Younify D.O.O. for orchestrating this event. It’s truly a game-changer when we can come together, exchange ideas, foster connections, and collectively enhance our expertise in Hyvä.”

“Had an amazing time at the Hyvä Meetup last week. Huge shoutout to Younify D.O.O. for organizing such a well-executed event! A special thanks to Emile Koolstra, Erwin Hofman, Stefan Bojkovic, Marko Pantić, Branko Petrovic and the entire team. #Hyvä”
Dejan Beljić, PSS Software

“I definitely enjoyed my talk & stay! If it’s up to me, it’s not a matter of IF I’ll be back, but WHEN I’ll be back! Thanks, everyone, for the hospitality and for learning about the history, food and atmosphere. And Emile Koolstra and Branko Petrovic in particular for the invite and showing me around!”
Erwin Hofman, Site Speed Consultant

Hyvä was our official sponsor!


And the best IT city – Niš

Serbia has emerged as a hidden gem in the global IT landscape, offering many compelling reasons to consider partnering with an IT company from this dynamic European nation. Here are some influential factors that make Serbia a top destination for IT outsourcing:

Exceptional Talent Pool: Serbian IT professionals are renowned for their technical expertise, creativity, and adaptability. Their dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that your projects receive the highest innovation and quality.

Cost-Effectiveness: Choosing an IT company from Serbia presents a cost-effective solution without compromising quality. The favourable cost structure, when compared to other Western European countries, allows for substantial savings without compromising on the end product.

English Proficiency: Most IT professionals in Serbia are fluent in English, making communication effortless and removing language barriers in other outsourcing destinations.

Proximity to Europe: Serbia’s strategic location within Europe ensures convenient time zones and easy accessibility for businesses seeking real-time collaboration and efficient project management.

We aimed to showcase Serbian’s exceptional talent and potential while bridging the gap between companies seeking top-notch IT solutions and brilliant developers and marketing agencies in Serbia. By connecting businesses with the right partners, we aspired to create an atmosphere that fueled innovation, fostered growth, and paved the way for long-lasting collaborations. Joined us at this remarkable event to witness firsthand the excellence of Serbian IT professionals and unlocked opportunities for your business.

For whom was our event?

Our Meetup was for all Magento merchants, developers, and marketing agencies. This event was specifically tailored to cater to your needs and aspirations in the e-commerce world. Whether you sought to optimise your online store’s performance, wanted to stay ahead with the latest trends, or explore the game-changing benefits of Hyvä, this was the event for you.

We hope that this is just the beginning of the tradition of Hyvä Meetup in Serbia and that you will have a unique opportunity to connect with professionals in the world of e-commerce, gain valuable knowledge and unlock the full potential of e-commerce in the future.

We are so glad we had the opportunity to host you at an event that took your e-commerce success to the next level!

Discover Hyvä, the Magento game-changer that will transform your webshop. Learn more here.