Category: Company culture

September 18, 2020 by Marko

How did Covid-19 impact my work as a Magento developer?

Covid-19 made us think and do certain things differently. Moreover, it forced us to give up some things and plans. No more socializing like before - at least not so ...
January 28, 2019 by admin

Interview Branko Petrović

What did you do before you joined Younify?
October 6, 2017 by admin

How to build your custom company stamp with Magento webshop?

From the very beginning, Younify was a choice of many family businesses that opted for a Magento webshop. The reason is that we all value good relationships, tr...
October 22, 2015 by admin

Why You Should Have a Lot Less Customers?

Every entrepreneur, at the beginning of his career, shares the same ambition: to obtain as many customers as possible. That's understandable, because customers p...
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