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October 21, 2020 by Marko

How to Create Configurable Product in Magento 2

A configurable product in Magento basically looks like a single (simple) product, but offers various options to choose from with drop-down lists or ...
September 18, 2020 by Marko

How did Covid-19 impact my work as a Magento developer?

Covid-19 made us think and do certain things differently. Moreover, it forced us to give up some things and plans. No more socializing like before - at least not so ...
November 19, 2019 by admin

The win-win program in Younify

As we always want to have the best Magento developers at Younify, we decided to run an intern program for the position of Junior Frontend De...
November 11, 2019 by admin

Cheese went online!

Building a web shop for a cheese shop was an interesting challenge for Younify. Juustukuningad (Cheese Kings) is specialized on selling Dutch cheese...
September 4, 2019 by admin

BECOMING A PART OF YOUNIFY, from the viewpoint of a Magento developer Marija Nesic

Marija Nesic, can you please describe what is your role in the company and how long have you been working in IT before Younify? My role and posit...
July 9, 2019 by admin


Hello everybody! What are the possible causes for dropping conversion rate? We´ll try to answer that million-dollar question what probably every web-shop owner a...
July 5, 2019 by admin

Migration from Magento 1 to 2: the reasons, adventages and benefits

If you are not happy with your online shop´s performance, loading speed or/and the design of your Magento 1 website, it is the high time to migrate from Magento 1 t...
January 28, 2019 by admin

Interview Branko Petrović

What did you do before you joined Younify?