Pro-Alarm is a specialist in alarm, camera, and home automation systems of brands such as Satel Hikvision and Dahua. The newly developed webshop focuses on consumers and business customers and offers an extensive range of high-quality security solutions. Because the security specialist wants to distinguish itself with professional knowledge, fast service, and a personal approach, this has been our starting point for web store development.

The goal of the security specialist is to provide a well-integrated system with alarm, fire, camera, and lighting in one for an affordable price. This is visualized on the home by red communicating the prices and promotions. Because there are also blocks that share the company’s various services, the personal approach is also emphasized. The high-quality brands visually displayed directly below underline the quality and specialism of the company. Something that also gains strength by showing the latest blogs at the bottom.

Pro-Alarm offers several certainties to fulfill the promise of a well-functioning all-in-one security system. For example, every order is carefully examined to check whether everything works together. In addition, the specialist also provides extensive and free personal advice, and if desired, they also take care of the configuration of the purchased systems. By communicating this clearly in various places online, the customer knows exactly what to expect. This clarity and service-oriented unburdening underlines the specialism and increases the confidence to buy here.

Pro-Alarm has a large stock of products and parts, so orders are almost always delivered to the customer the next working day. The free delivery within the Netherlands lowers the threshold for ordering, which is reinforced by the many payment options via a secure SSL connection. This is further enhanced by offering the right of return to business customers. By linking with the Kiyoh assessment tool, the customer reviews form excellent social proof that increases conversion.

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    Multiple secure payment options via SSL connection

    Right of return for business customers


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