Goudpensioen is a company in the precious metals industry, specifically dealing with gold and silver. They are known for offering various investment options and products related to precious metals.

Goudpensioen has relied on us to create and maintain its e-commerce platform. We built their webshop on Magento 1 and later migrated it to Magento 2.

A unique and innovative aspect of our collaboration is developing a custom connection to the precious metals stock market, allowing real-time pricing of their products.

Our continued support helps Goudpensioen offer accurate and competitive pricing to their customers through a reliable webshop.

We can do the same for your webshop!

As a matter of fact, we can do anything as a Magento e-commerce specialists; just fill out the form!

    Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration

    Custom system for integration with stock market

    Slightly redesigned webshop


    Home page


    Category page


    Product page


    Cart page


    Checkout page

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