Fish Inn

Industry: Fishing
City: Venlo, Netherlands

About the client: Fish Inn & Outdoor is a business run by professionals with vast knowledge but also practical experience in fishing industry. Their webshop is a very detailed presentation of every product, with very transparent purchasing information.

Customization: One part of the Fish Inn & Outdoor shop is a custom mobile theme. The other is marketing component – the shop successfully uses remarketing feature when targeting customers via Google advertising.

Design: The design of this webshop clearly indicates what kind of business you are up to visit. A very long product list is also an important part of the design.

Extensions: Fish Inn & Outdoor uses the following extensions:

OneStepCheckout: the purchasing process made easier than ever
Fishpig: easy Magento integration with WordPress
Google Shopping: connects your Google Merchant with products from your Magento webshop
Mail Plus: synchronizes contact, product and order information


Custom template with a lot of attention for conversion optimization.


Simple Magento integration with WordPress via Fishpig module.

Google Merchant Center

Link between Magento and the Google Merchant Center to automatically link product feeds with Google Ads.

Responsive Design

Given the increasing number of mobile conversions, the webshop is fully designed in responsive web design.

Mail Plus Link

The link between Mail Plus and Magento for a more efficient digital marketing strategy.


User-friendly checkout process for customers to increase conversion.

Fish Inn

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Fish Inn

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Fish Inn

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Fish Inn

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Fish Inn

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