magento 2 starter package

We know that migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 can be a costly and long process. For these businesses who are starting and have enough ambition to be on the Magento platform, we have developed an unique offer to launch a new Magento 2 store fast and at an highly competitive rate.

  • Your Magento webshop available to you within 10 days
  • Feature rich Magento solution for very attractive price
  • Includes up to 50 hrs of development tailored to needs
  • Package composed by Younify’s leading developers
  • Base theme packed with extensions
  • Fully responsive and optimised for mobile


The package includes:

  • Installation Magento 2.3.2
  • Configuration 1 website 1 language
  • Configuration for 1 country
  • Language Pack
  • Up to 50 hours available (development, design, support)
    * Available hours expire after 2 months

Functional additions:

  • Blog for Magento 2
  • Shop by Brand
  • Mega Menu
  • Magento Portfolio
  • Lookbook
  • Product Tabs
  • Magento Banners
  • Catalog Ajax Scroll
  • Store Locator
  • Ajax Cart Pro
  • Buckaroo Online Payment Services
  • TIG PostNL
  • Fully responsive & retina support

Blog for Magento 2

Shop by brand

Mega Menu

Magento Portfolio


Product tabs

Magento banners

Catalog Ajax Scroll

Store Locator

Ajax Cart Pro

Buckaroo Online Payment Services


Fully responsive & retina support


Over the past 12 years Younify had the pleasure to work with vast range of client types. We´ve got experience working with clients that are just about to take their businesses online up to clients who have been working online for years with whole e-commerce architecture and integration with worlds leading ERP, PIM etc systems. This experience gave us an unique perspective about how clients differ based on the size of their e-commerce businesses.
With the growth of e-commerce platform Magento we noticed that even clients who want to start their small online business want to do it with Magento platform and that´s because of the scalability, functionality and community. But developing their shop in Magento can easily scale to a big investment for which not all clients are ready in the beginning.
We gathered our great Magento-experienced developers and managers to figure out the best way to help a business transit to online and how to help small online businesses grow. Together we came up with a solution that would allow you to start selling in short period of time, have support from us and our partners to help you grow and be flexible in scaling your shop.


Magento provides various pre-made themes, styles and layouts together with support and regular updates what makes it a very good basis for your initial online shop. Your next main focus is the functionality of the shop to make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for and to make a purchase. Most of the bundle themes have included some functionality but the difference between a good and a bad bundle theme is the ability to integrate additional extensions which you need.
For this reason, we have been testing several most popular themes on the market which we want to include in our solution. Together with the theme developers we came up with our own integration changes what allow us to integrate some of the most popular extensions into the wanted theme.
Now we have created our “starting package” which includes Magento latest version, Bundle theme (Claue), Pre integrated extensions and functionality and a list of other popular extensions which we can easily integrate. And of course, Magento will be already pre-configured for your country.
But we didn’t stop here. We feel that it is not enough to just provide you with a shop were you can put your content and start selling. We noticed that no matter how big or small our client is, there is always a need for some consultancy or additional work to keep the shop on the right track. For that reason we decided to include into the package up to 50 hours what you can use for consultancy, additional modification, some design work etc. These hours you might need to get going, and they can be used within first 2 months after we deliver the package. In case you need our help for longer period, we can find solution for that also.
Since not all clients start with nothing, we included some additional services which are optional (data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, Product importer etc.)
Our dedicated team of developers will keep the package updated with latest Magento updates, Extension updates and Theme updates. With this package, upgrading Magento will be easier than ever.


Once your webshop is introduced to your customers, it requires a lot more attention because it´s a 24/7 live product. Therefore, you should consider it as a process that needs good nurturing in order to bring positive results.

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“Work and think together while striving for the highest quality,
this is how you collaborate with Younify. A company you can rely on!”

Menno Hoek

"We've been working with Younify for several years now and greatly appreciate having such a reliable and professional partner. We hope that our collaboration will continue growing stronger."

Natalia Goncharenko, Amasty

“Thanks to Younify we were able to shape our online ambitions.”

Rogier Gülicher, Hobo Hi-Fi

“Younify asked relevant questions and provided country specific input during the proposal phase. This was one of the reasons we chose Younify as our Magento development partner.”

Daniel Kok, Welch Allyn

"Younify was an early adopter of OneStepCheckout back in 2009 and we've had a great partnership with Younify ever since."

Thien-Lan Weber, Onestepcheckout

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At Younify we know that partnerships are important to the success of our customers. Together, we will help you expand your business! Throughout the years of hard work, our partner list grew along with our experience in developing Magento stores. Working closely with highly reliable partners, we guarantee a better result for your business. Vast majority of online experts are now available to you on a single page. Contact them to make your business more successful.


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