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There are thousands of Magento extensions and connectors available in the Magento ecosphere. Over the last 7 years we have specialised ourselves in connecting Magento to large ERP systems and POS systems in physical stores. The same experience is used for arranging Magento products import. Our Magento import experience is significant. We have readily available Magento imports available from over 20 of the most important ERP and POS systems. With our own developed Magento importer we are able to create high quality connections covering even the most complex situations.

Importing products, synchronising stock and export sales orders is what we build every day of the week. We can not only help you on the technical development but have experts available who can help you determine what the best process is to follow for your particular situation.


Automatically import magento products
Update stock every [x] minutes
Products will automatically be placed in correct category
Determine per product attribute if it should be only created or also updated during the import
Images will be linked
Comprehensive reporting and monitoring
Flexible functionality when it comes to managing stock
Automatically create configurable or bundled products
Import tier and/or customer pricelist
Upmark prices from your vendor feeds with your desired %
Handle imports with hundreds of thousands of products
Use the Magento product feed feature to import products from vendor feeds

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“Work and think together while striving for the highest quality,
this is how you collaborate with Younify. A company you can rely on!”

Menno Hoek

"We've been working with Younify for several years now and greatly appreciate having such a reliable and professional partner. We hope that our collaboration will continue growing stronger."

Natalia Goncharenko, Amasty

“Thanks to Younify we were able to shape our online ambitions.”

Rogier Gülicher, Hobo Hi-Fi

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