magento commerce

Magento Commerce is the most professional version of the Magento e-commerce software. Magento Commerce Edition is available for companies with high ambitions and requirements. The additional features give more (marketing) capabilities than the community edition.
We recommend the Magento Commerce edition for e-commerce companies that have outgrown the community edition and look for a more professional platform. Compared to the competition (professional paid e-commerce packages), the Commerce Edition of Magento is very attractive. It lends itself to the most complex requirements making it a fully customized system.

For whom do we recommend the Magento Commerce edition?

We recommend Magento Commerce, if your shop has ( or if you have the ambition to ):

More than one million revenue,
More than 75,000 visitors per month,
Number of products exceeds 10,000.

Benefits Magento Commerce

Fully customized system
Meets the most complex requirements
More targeted marketing for additional functionality

Why a Commerce project with Younify partner?

Very experienced Magento partner
We can support you on all aspects of e-commerce
Reliable, we give realistic deadlines
Efficiency is paramount, we are working in your interests, and assist in the proper e-commerce strategy
Younify provides e-commerce for companies that want to make the next step.

what our customers say

“Work and think together while striving for the highest quality,
this is how you collaborate with Younify. A company you can rely on!”

Menno Hoek

"We've been working with Younify for several years now and greatly appreciate having such a reliable and professional partner. We hope that our collaboration will continue growing stronger."

Natalia Goncharenko, Amasty

“Thanks to Younify we were able to shape our online ambitions.”

Rogier Gülicher, Hobo Hi-Fi

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