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November 8, 2023 by admin

Google’s New Metric: How to Optimize Your Magento Webshop for INP

In today's competitive world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve means continually adapting to new metrics and standards. One s...
August 4, 2023 by admin

From Vision to Reality: How Hyvä Theme Propelled Extreme Intimo to Success

Welcome to our second customer case study, where we explore the remarkable journey of Extreme Intimo, an ambitious e-commerce brand that achieved resounding success ...
July 14, 2023 by admin

We’re organizing Hyvä Meetup 2023 in Serbia.

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Hyvä Meetup in Nis, where we will investigate Magento's future and unlock the Hyvä theme's remarkable potential. Our event...
May 19, 2023 by admin

Top 10 Price Spider Tools (with a Magento integration)

In the world of e-commerce, competitive pricing strategies are crucial for the success of Magento merchants. Utilizing price comparis...
March 30, 2023 by admin

Discover the Benefits of Our Hyvä Essentials Package Theme: A Custom Magento Theme for Enhanced User Experience and Shop Delivery Time

Younify’s first contact with the Hyvä theme was around 2 years ago when we created a task for our Senior Frontend Developer to inv...
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