Welch Allyn logo Dutch webshop powered by Younify

Welch Allyn is a leading global manufacturer of quality medical diagnostic instruments. They currently operate in 26 different countries, while the company’s origins are in the US. The company’s main focus is their customer – therefore, they largely think about the future design of healthcare by developing appropriate instruments and future-proof technologies.


Besides a webshop available for the US market, Welch Allyn wanted to establish a Magento webshop for DACH countries. The first one was done for German market. Younify took care about the entire development process. The newly built Magento webshop had to meet the best development criteria, including design that is consistent with the global Welch Allyn trademark. Moreover, the webshop met the legislative rules of Germany, which was one bigger plus for Younify – since we are already familiar with the rules of this market. The entire process was monitored and communicated with the people from Welch Allyn. While implementing a project, we always tend to communicate about every detail and be transparent when it comes to development, design and other activities.


The main goal was to deliver a calm, clean and caring atmosphere to the webshop. On the other hand, one of the important goals was also to make a connection between a corporate and selling site (website vs. a webshop), build trust and follow standards of a webshop.


The entire project was implemented according to the Welch Allyn’s style guide. So, the job was clear – including the webshop’s functionalities that have brought another layer to the success of this project. The main scope was the webshop’s functionality. It means that Welch Allyn wanted to approach the end-users very quickly, give them the best experience and, therefore, increase sales with Magento webshop.


The objectives were successfully met by implementing some custom functionalities (webshop modules) and different Magento extensions. Since the webshop will operate in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Geo IP region switcher will help customers navigate directly to the site according to their location. Moreover, the entire webshop is adjusted for collecting and processing visitor data and details. What makes this shop probably different than many others is “Students program page”. Welch Allyn has enabled great discounts for students that shop their equipment. With this module, they don’t only make the process easier to students, but also empower their education by providing them with quality tools.

Some of Magento extensions used for this webshop: OneStepCheckout, Wyomind’s Data Feed Manager, Improved search engine (search ultimate) by Mirasvit, Younify’s Accessories Sales Booster, Improved layer navigation by Amasty, Magento webshop connected to Welch Allyn’s SAP ERP system, Product attachments extension (Unicode systems), and more.