Why is “Back to School” campaign becoming the new “Black Friday”

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  We are just beyond another successful Back to School online season. Many retailers and online merchants have realized the success of this campaign and are now starting promo campaigns on time – even couple of months before the school season. There is no need to mention that every seasonal campaign comes mostly from the…

Multiple conditions rewrite in NGINX

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Multiple conditions rewrite in NGINX

If you have ever encountered programming more seriously than getting the message “Hello world!” on screen, you know what conditions (cases) are. But, let me remind you: sometimes you must tell a code what (not) to do in certain situations. Code is not executing always in same circumstances, right? That’s why we have to predict…

Most Important eCommerce UI/UX Web Design Tips to Help People with Disabilities

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UI UX web design for accessibility Younify Blog

Running an eCommerce website requires a lot of dedication, as there are numerous customers whose needs have to be addressed. Additionally, there are people who require special readability and navigation, depending on the type of disability they are faced with. Optimizing a website for all types of users might sound like a very demanding endeavor,…