Top 10 Magento Extensions to Secure Your Store

top 10 magento security extensions

You want your online store to be perfect and sell more each day. For that reason, you decide to install great extensions that help you boost your sales or even engage your customers while they’re choosing & buying products.

Besides website development, Younify offers high-quality support to stores which we develop, but also other stores that need additional security and maintenance once they go live.

So, the second big thing you would like your store to have is security. There are many ways to secure your store – engage only Magento specialists to develop it, have dedicated support (which includes version control and can prevent bigger damage to your files) or install Magento extensions that will additionally secure your store.

Security issues occur when your site is either subject of hacking or phishing. Hacking means focusing on and breaking security mechanisms of computers and other network systems. Phishing, on the other hand, means obtaining sensitive information about your customers such as usernames, passwords and credit card information.

There are many extensions that help you secure your store, the problem is only to pick the right one(s). We searched for the best security extensions and came up with a list of 10 Magento security extensions for your store:

1. Two-Factor Authentication

This extension proves security to the admin part of your Magento store. The configuration is very simple: you go to the “Users” section in Magento backend, click on “create secret key” and scan the barcode using the application that comes along with this extension. When you are finished with configuration, you may login via your phone. The two-factor authentication extension ensures that you are the only one who can login, while nobody else can. Security key needed for login is valid only for 30 seconds, thus providing maximum security.

2. Geo IP Ultimate Lock

This extension is ideal for preventing your store from unwanted traffic coming from any location. The module of this extension is based on IP Blocking and it uses Magento catalog price rules functionality. With this functionality, you can select product attributes such as colour, SKU, price, etc. to block access to desired categories and items.

Furthermore, you can create multiple access control lists (ACL) for a single region and prioritize them accordingly. Other features of Geo IP ultimate Lock: it supports multi-store and multi-language; you also get free lifetime support and upgrade.

3. Amasty’s Two-Factor Authentication

The main purpose of this extension is to use both your password and your phone access in order to protect your account. It ensures that Magento admin security is enhanced with a unique security code that is accessible from your smartphone. Just as the previous extension, you are the only user authorized to access the admin panel of your Magento store. Some of the key features for Amasty’s two-factor authentication are: protection against connection sniffing, secure against spyware (and potential hacking), displaying IP address while listing, etc.

4. MageReport

Mage Report is a service that provides you with insights into your Magento shop’s security status. Besides detecting, the system provides additional information how to fix possible vulnerabilities. The system is good because it uses behaviour-based identification patterns. Mage Report is a product of a hosting company Since Byte is hosting professional for Magento shops, they follow latest Magento releases and security trends in the community in order to be agile in reactions (when required). Therefore, Mage Report is one of the first to notice new threats and attack patterns.

5. Mage Secure

This security extension is compatible with both community and enterprise Magento editions. It scans and tests all vulnerabilities that are usually used by hackers in order to exploit your site.

6. Improved Admin Security for Magento

This extension is similar to two-factor authentication, which implies the necessity for the most reliable and secured login to Magento admin panel – by password and phone login. By having a unique password and unique access code used with a smartphone, you can prevent suspicious actions from your Magento store.

7. Mage Firewall Security

By blocking common web attacks, Mage firewall security provides protection against typical attacks on your store by creating additional layer of security around Magento commerce system. Its software includes “recently modified file” scanner and alerts you each time somebody tries to break into your store. This extension also scans your webserver and scans Magento for unpatched security issues.

8. ET IP Security

The most popular extensions regarding website security are ones that prevent certain IP addresses to access the site. One of them is ET IP Security, recommended on many articles that tackle Magento security issues. This extension works by setting a restriction rule. When this rule is triggered, a user gets redirected to specific CMS page (custom setup) or to a blank page. You get email notifications when somebody tries to enter your store. Another option is to switch your website off for maintenance.

9. Captcha Plus

This extension includes captcha security for different site actions. For example, it is used during the following actions: create a user, checkout guest or register checkout, user login or forgot password. In this way, usual procedures within your store are happening in a more secured environment. Spam can usually happen on contact forms or product review pages. Captcha plus extension can be added to these pages, too.

10. Bot Blocker

Bot blocker extension prevents store spamming by spam bots and other bots that increase your server load. Bots appear mostly on contact form pages or review forms, so they prevent you from responding to your customer’s messages in a timely manner. They also slow down your site and overload your server. Bot blocker for Magento adds hidden forms on your store that identify bad bots. In this way, the extension makes these forms invisible and blocked from your store.

For more information which extension(s) to choose for your store and how to install it, feel free to contact us.