Top 10 Magento extensions to look for this season

top 10 magento extensions

Customer experience is the first and foremost goal for every business that sells online. Simplifying the purchase process is a modern rule – if you don’t make it, you wouldn’t succeed. The same rule applies to online shops. Make it unique, easy and attractive.

Unique – because your online store has to be different. Custom components will make the shop recognizable and user-friendly. Every effort in business is worth trying, especially when it comes to proven results. Pre-designed templates and cheap solutions won’t cover the constantly increasing customer demands.

Easy – navigation is something that you must provide to your site’s visitors. Like Google Maps or GPS, it helps to reach the goal. One button click or a clear & easy menu navigation is more likely to result in purchase. On the other hand, confusing category distribution and so many unnecessary steps before the actual purchase are deadly mistakes. After that, customers will no longer visit your shop.

Attractive – a good look is enough to say “sold out”. Every webshop is more a visual presentation than any other. Good design sells better than words and product description. High-quality product images, easy to view, Pin or add to cart, will only increase the number of total purchases per product or category. Just like custom components, unique design attracts your visitors and new customers very fast.

Besides unique, easy and attractive look & feel, every good webshop needs various extensions. Magento extensions are necessary ingredients for an extraordinary visitor’s journey. They are applicable to various store departments including: design, store development, marketing and SEO, sales, site performance, frontend, etc. Extensions are available for both community and enterprise Magento webshops.

To reach your business’ goal and drive more revenue than ever, Younify sales department recommends the following Magento extensions:

1. Magento Product Import (All-in-one)

Time is money. There is no need for manually done things anymore. In Magento, saving time to arrange products means dedicating to the other aspects that directly increase sales. For that purpose, Younify developed Magento Product Import extension. It helps you to automatically import both product data and stock levels from ERP (Enterprise resource planning) or PoS (Point-of-sale) system. Furthermore, all images are linked to the right product and category, along with comprehensive reporting and monitoring tools. Product import extension is a real Magento shop’s friend. It does the work while you plan your future sales steps.

2. One Step Checkout

As we discussed above, the simpler the steps are, more purchases happen on your webshop. One of the great Magento extensions that supports all checkout steps on a single page is One Step Checkout. It reduces the number of checkout steps from usual 6 to 1 and, at the same time, reduces shopping cart abandonment. In this way, sales will exponentially grow. This extension is fully compatible with any Magento store. One Step Checkout provides better customer experience since it avoids unnecessary and often confusing pre-shop registration steps.

3. Accessories Sales Booster

This extension allows you to easily sell additional products and accessories. This means that more products can be added to the shopping cart with just one click! In this way, customers choose related products, make a perfect fit and do the shopping at once. So, it’s a mutual benefit – happy customers and functional webshop. With Accessories Sales Booster you will increase your average order value and drive more visits to your shopping cart page.

4. Magento drag & drop

With this extension, you’ve got a total visual power over your Magento webshop. Magento drag & drop allows you to sort all products within one category by simply drag & drop item(s) to desired position. The products are rearranged from the backend, but the changes get immediately visible on the frontend. Furthermore, you can select more than one product and shape the product page according to your current business needs. With this extension you emphasize seasonal products, enhance your marketing efforts and push great campaigns. It supports unlimited number of products per shop.

5. M2E Pro

Magento is a great platform, especially if you can connect it to other major selling platforms. The advantage of M2E Pro extension is that it easily connects Magento to eBay, Amazon and Rakuten listings. It also supports multiple eBay/Amazon/Rakuten accounts and and multiple Magento stores. The products from your shop will be listed in just a couple of minutes, following a few simple steps. Basically, the whole process becomes automated once you install the extension. You only need to set up the right category, specify settings and review listing management before all changes go live.

6. Improved Layered Navigation

Maybe one of the best Amasty’s Magento extension, improved layered navigation significantly improves the overall customer experience once they enter your site. Easy & modern Magento navigation not only increases revenue, but it also helps your site getting on the top in terms of functionality and good interface.

7. Order Manager

When it comes to simplifying the ordering process, order manager by Fooman handles orders with just a click. This is the only order management extension officially verified by Magento. It processes bulk orders very easily, which makes it suitable for even the largest online stores. With this extension you will save hours of work each week, comparing it to standard Magento functionalities that take more time. The powerful order overview screen gives you insights into mass status updates, shipping information, tracking information and more.

8. Data feed manager

On Wyomind’s web presentation, this extension is marked as a “must have”. Why? Because data feed manager is an integral part of your data-driven business online. This extension exports products from your Magento store into .csv, .txt or .xml file. Product export applies to any online marketplace, search or shopping engine. Data feed manager helps you customize your data according to your product catalog. It automatically and regularly sends your updated data feed to the shopping engines.

9. Magento WordPress integration

A webshop is not only a simple product page with a big “Buy” button alongside each product. It’s a complex site, offering engaging and interesting content. Your shop is your business ID. For this reason, many businesses tend to integrate WordPress with their Magento shop, mostly because their blog is built on WP. The main purpose of Magento WordPress integration extension is to improve your site’s SEO by publishing great content. Since 24% of organizations devote 50% or more of their budget to content, you understand why this extension will help your online business to grow.

10. Google Shopping

Google Shopping extension enables easy product data export to Google Shopping. It supports all product types and creates a data feed in compliance with Google requirements. You know best what are the priorities when it comes to your products. With Google Shopping extension, you are able to completely customize your data feed according to your products’ catalog. In this way, all changes will be timely sent to Google. Updated information is good for customers searching for the products like yours; with this extension, they will probably hit your store before any other.


The list of seasonal Magento extensions is not limited to summer or winter sales. It is applicable anytime, on any shop, with unlimited number of products and categories. In this highly-competitive market, your shop needs to stand out from the crowd. Customers recognize the effort and steps taken to satisfy their shopping journey. With extensions, this journey is more comfortable for them, but it also brings visible results for your business.