TopRC is the largest model sports provider in the Netherlands and Belgium, with a store in Uden of almost 1000 m2 and a well-running webshop. Due to this combination, TopRC always has a wide range of radio-controlled cars, boats, scooters, airplanes, helicopters, and drones in stock. As a result, delivery times are short, and the service is fast and comprehensive. Because it wants to be a leading specialist, the organization is ready with expert information and advice. TopRC wanted to see these core values reflected in the new webshop.

As a leading RC specialist, the team involved is ready to provide expert information and advice. Customers can visit the store for repairs, product testing, and driving on the only indoor crawler track in the Netherlands. Due to the extensive information, the emphasis that the staff tries everything themselves and the vast and deep range with multiple brands, you as a visitor get the impression that this company is highly specialized and passionate. The high-quality free-standing photos underline the professional appearance.

The webshop is primarily aimed at consumers, but business customers also have the option to order. Everything about this is explained online. Ordering is pretty simple and can be done quickly without, but also with, an account. The RC specialist offers many different pay methods described in detail online. This way, the customer can choose what suits him best. The current order status can also be found online, and the customer can choose from various delivery and collection options.

The company offers extra safety and involvement with a clear return, warranty, repair scheme, and various trade-in options. Social proof in customer reviews is presented correctly to radiate even more reliability. The fact that there is a link between the Facebook Community and social media channels also contributes to trust and conversion. Finally, the extended opening hours of the store, customer service, and various contact methods also inspire this confidence.

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