Why to choose City of Niš for your Magento business?

city of Niš by night

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Niš is the second biggest city in Serbia, and (at the same time) the biggest regional center of South-East Serbia. While the city is still at the crossroads of tradition and modern times, it is living the entire globalization process. New globalization trends are visible mostly in technology and digital innovations. Likewise their peers worldwide, youth in this part of the world is successfully dealing with the latest achievements in technology and related disciplines.
Serbia is also a place where you can meet and work with highly-educated people. These guys (also ourselves) now work for successful international companies based within the country. Most of these companies work within the IT sector. Their headquarters are either in Europe or United States, but main offices are based in Niš.

One of these companies is Magento specialty house – Younify. Younify consists of great Magento developers, artists and sellers. We work in a small but efficient team; we also spend time together beyond the working hours. City of Niš has a very rich and famous history. From Roman Empire and the establishment of Christianity, until Ottoman Empire and modern culture, this region has lived through many changes and adaptations. Its current look is mostly Orient with buildings and architecture dating from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Locals are very kind and friendly. So, if you see cool & friendly people hanging around between historical buildings, tasting local cuisine and sightseeing with friends, keep in mind: they are probably the best Magento developers in town!

Before you decide to contact someone from our competence center or, even better, plan to visit us, keep in mind these 3 great things that attract successful businesses to Niš:

1. University Centre – competence before all

Niš is a big education center. With a separate University, it is the second largest University town in Serbia counting 13 faculties with many independent departments. Since technology is in its rapid development, one of the most popular lately is Faculty of Electronic engineering. Some 30+ years ago, Niš was one of the biggest center for technics and, in that time, modern home appliances. A famous factory “Ei” (Electronic industry) employed more than 10,000 people at that time. It was compared to worldwide known companies such as Siemens or Philips.
Let’s get back to education… Niš offers numerous scholarships to the best students; talented youth is sent to international competitions. Youngsters are fully integrated into a modern world; the trends from the West are widely recognized and accepted among educated youth.

Qualified employees are available for a great cooperation. These people, besides being formally educated, have got vast experience working as apprentices, interns or freelancers for both domestic and international companies. Many of them are certified for various software or other industry-related products. Qualifications are only one good side of working with people from this region; they are also willing to learn, be challenged and develop new ideas and projects.
On the other hand, attrition rate in Niš is very low. For example, in Younify the attrition rate in the last 12 months was 0%. This means: this is a steady environment for investment and people are satisfied when they work in a proactive team. Younify is a good example for both.

2. Historical Crossroads and beautiful nature

History in Niš inside the FortressSerbia was an active participant in many wars and groundbreaking changes in history. Niš was a center of many historical battles, but was also a birthplace and a residence of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. That’s why the richness of cultural and historical heritage made us think that the beauty of this town can be easily compared to any major historical site on the Earth. Niš is a mixture of East and West. Our architecture dates back in the late medieval century, mostly thanks to the influence of the Ottoman Empire. On the other hand, 19th and 20th century architecture dominates the city centre. This is where our office is – in the heart of the city.

You may think that professionals who are devoted to their jobs barely recognize these historical monuments and don’t have time to visit them? Our Magento developers spend their most productive hours in the office; since our office is only 50 metres from the main square and some 200 metres from the city’s well-known Fortress, we spend our lunch breaks together, sometimes visiting these sites that are close to our office. On the other hand, when our clients or partners visit us, we always have some interesting places to show. That makes us even more compelling to cooperate with.





3. Social, social, social….

We, the Younifiers, share our ideas within the entire team. Moreover, we love to create and design something extraordinary, custom and beautiful. We apply the same concept when it comes to making and fostering friendships. That’s because the environment we live & work in is a very friendly one. This is exactly what we will tell to anyone visiting our city. It welcomes you and makes sure that you won’t waste any second of having a good and quality time. Reaching the spots for sightseeing is very easy; people will help you (or even drive you!) to your destination.

If you decide to drop by during the summer, there are many events going on in this season. Almost all local clubs have big gardens with organized program: music, culture events, exhibitions, wine fairs, etc. Everything is crowded, especially in August when we host the international jazz festival – Nišville.
If you find city sightseeing boring or “already seen”, then you can escape and visit beautiful nature around. Sićevo Gorge is only 20 kilometres away from us and Niš Spa center only 12 kilometres. Visiting the countryside is really worthwhile.

If spreading business is your plan, even better, if you are interested to work with great Magento developers, then you have to come and visit us. On the other hand, if you are a young person or have never been here before, then just get a virtual tour around and find what others wrote about their experiences while visiting Niš. For those who don’t believe it, ask some of our clients who were recently our guests.

Big thanks to Brankica Paunković – Photographer for borrowing us her photos 🙂