How to switch to online buying in Europe?

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It’s simple – turn your business into a successful e-commerce story

Latest researches indicate that European online buyers are expected to spend more per transaction. Only in 2015, e-commerce sales in Europe will increase by 18,4%, while more and more people decide to buy from their mobile devices. For example, only in Netherlands online spending by mobile device (smartphone and tablet) increased from 11,2% in 2014 to 18,3% in 2015.

So, what is the point of an increased online buying activity? Firstly, Internet is available to all of us more than ever. We are not bounded only to desktop connectivity – we can connect from everywhere. That’s why smartphones are maybe the biggest tech revolution in the last couple of years. People got used to buy online. To support this argument, let’s have a look at Statista’s report that shows the growth of digital buyers in Western Europe.

digital buyer trend Europe

 Number of digital buyers in Western Europe – info and image source


E-commerce story is not only successful, it’s beautiful

One of the main reasons for increased e-commerce activity is the best-quality design. There’s no need for a deeper explanation since only in March 2014 87% of shared content on Facebook were photos! Customers like simplified processes – visuals instead of texts, one step taken instead of ten, etc. This same situation can be copy-pasted to any e-commerce website, with an emphasis on online shops. When creating an e-commerce website, you are offered two opportunities: to use predefined templates or have a unique website design.

Predefined templates are okay, but they don’t work if you want to achieve full brand consistency. If you aim to create brand loyalty mostly because your brand is already famous, that’s the main reason to have a strong visual power while you sell online. Furthermore, using unique web design will rank your site higher not only among your customers, but also on search engines. Beauty sells – it’s in commercials, it’s in real life. It is also online.

In order to improve your e-commerce business based on custom design and digital buying patterns, think the same as your customers while making buying decisions:


1. Buy nice

People consider themselves as the buyers of “nice things”. Nice is a term that is highly individual and cannot be generalized. However, one thing is certain: if you offer a fresh and updated design, which matches your corporate style, you will attract not only your existing, but also many potential customers. Customers can “smell” a good design; they appreciate your effort to give them visual satisfaction while visiting your online business. Furthermore, try applying the best principles that will successfully terminate the buying procedure. One of them is Gutenberg’s diagram in web design:

web design diagram

2. Buy custom

Like a bespoke suite, everybody likes to experience the “right tailor”. So, customers will always come back to a brand that creates the right size, but also the right model in terms of style and fashion. The same story is happening in your e-commerce business. You sell what your customers need, but you have to sell nice things. Besides your products, your website needs an extraordinary design. It’s custom component will ensure customer retention better than anything else. A design entirely focused on your target audience will lead to more site conversions. This is exactly what you need – a beautiful look & feel that supports online buying anytime, everywhere.


3. Buy smart

The rise of mobile purchases seems to have reached its top, but the situation is a little bit different. Predictions say that more and more people will buy from mobile rather than desktop. That’s why your e-commerce business needs to meet customer experience first. Do not optimize your website – make it fully responsive. Just one year ago, total percentage of mobile searches that resulted in local purchase was almost 20% higher compared to desktop search. Now, direct purchases are done on mobile devices thanks to shops that are optimized and designed to provide the best end-user experience. Purchases done on smartphones save a lot of time, so people can do shopping while on the go or waiting for the transportation.

online purchase by device

Comparison and image taken from

4. Buy connected

“E-commerce is not different from brick-and-mortar commerce in that building trust is essential.”, was said in the article published in Entrepreneur. This means that you need to be where you customers are: on social media. Covering your business on social media is essential for driving more sales and, ultimately, revenue. Here we also come to the visual side of your business – sharing visual content means more engagement on social media. Choose the platforms that completely suit your industry or business size: Facebook is a must (because of the DAU and sponsored content); then you choose Pinterest – if the larger percentage of your customers are women; LinkedIn if you are more B2B business, etc. Never forget to reward your customer loyalty! Be there for them and offer great promotions and contests.


At the end of the day, looking at the shopping cart is like revising a photo-album. Europeans are now part of the big online community that’s not connected only by their citizenship status (Europeans), but also to current digital trends. These trends will rise in the next couple of years, so, think wisely and improve your e-commerce business today.