6 Ways to Pimp-Up your Magento Webshop Using Facebook

Magento webshop on Facebook

Your Magento webshop is all nicely designed and you dedicated the entire strategy & experienced team in order to start with the sales cycle. You are doing well. In fact, sales are better than you planned. But, what if you can increase your webshop’s sales even more?

Facebook is the leading social media channel for promoting your business. Of course, depending on the type of your online business, you can combine more than one social media channel for better marketing reach. But, why is Facebook so important for your Magento webshop?

There are 1.01 billion daily active users on Facebook, which is much more than a single website can ever achieve per day. For example, visit your webshop’s Google Analytics account and count how many visits you had for the previous month. Never enough, right? Furthermore, Facebook is a company dedicated to businesses next to its individual users. By having a company page on Facebook, your Magento webshop can benefit not only from increased website visits, but also from significant sales increase.

The other very important thing is how to enhance customer’s mobile experience while shopping online. We already wrote about mobile visits that result in making online purchases earlier this year. According to these statistics, only in 2013 one-third of all ecommerce purchases were made on a smartphone. When it comes to Facebook, the average number of active monthly users on mobile is 1.55 billion! Facebook is well aware of this number, but also of mobile devices replacing usual desktop experience. That’s why the social network has tailored some of its services to mobile users. One of them is the possibility to shop inside Facebook. But, let’s also see some other possibilities that will help your Magento webshop increase sales using Facebook.

1. Create a Page, not a Profile

If you run a webshop, your Facebook marketing should be based solely on your Facebook Page – not on personal profile. Creating a page is very simple: you choose the type of the business you run and select a category from a drop-down menu. The category you choose will be displayed under the name of your business.

Furthermore, if you would like to verify your page, thus showing the authenticity of your business, you can submit a request for the verification code. It’s always cool to have a blue badge on your Facebook page. Note that the badge is not available in all regions.

Create a Facebook page


2. Invest in Advertising to Increase Visits to your Webshop

Due to a very high decrease in Facebook pages’ organic reach (frequency of your posts visible to your fans), you are more likely to spend some amount in order to make your online business more visible. Facebook’s algorithm was made to decrease organic reach; with ads, your reach goes directly to the newsfeed, especially in cases when you do smart targeting and optimize your ads to your desired target audience(s). Using your Facebook business page to drive additional traffic to your Magento webshop is very easy. Before you create any ads, you should define the objective you want to reach with your ad. In case you want to increase webshop traffic, click to “Send people to your website”.

Facebook ads manager


A good thing in Facebook advertising is that you can reach your target audience with a minimal budget spent per ad’s lifetime. You are free to setup start and end date. Minimum required amount is $5 per day (this is a new feature, and it is still not visible for all advertisers). However, your costs per conversion (actual clicks from Facebook to your Magento webshop) will be much lower compared to real sales results they should bring.

It is also important to send people to a desired landing page. For example, if you have special sales for holidays, then you should promote it with your ad. It’s always better to emphasize the concrete product than the entire webshop (only if your homepage matches the purpose of your ad copy, you will put your webshop homepage URL as a destination page).

3. Use Third-party Apps for Facebook

Facebook is also a great place to organize a contest in order to collect more contacts for your customers’ database. Contests can be run using third-party Facebook apps. These apps appear on the left side, above photos section. You can use them to setup your newsletter lists, promote new products (product catalog), run a contest / voting, empower your fans to upload photos & videos with their favorite product from your webshop, and much more.

Facebook Apps tab

What’s even better, you can sell directly from Facebook. This is possible with Facebook app optimized for Magento webshops. This app allows millions of people who are active on Facebook to come to your page and do the shopping, instead of: 1) seeing the product image on Facebook; 2) clicking on “shop now” button; 3) being redirected to your Magento webshop URL. In this way, the procedure gets much easier since your customers don’t need to leave Facebook, and still can buy from your Magento webshop.

4. Create Carousel Ads

Facebook recently introduced carousel ads. Similar to Google Shopping, carousel ad shows more than one product with its brief description and price. When clicked on a specific product, your customer is sent to your detailed product page. The scenario gets easy from there – he adds the product to cart and finishes shopping. Carousel ads represent a great way to increase sales on your Magento webshop and get many new customers. Have in mind to use only high-quality product photos – the same ones that will appear on your detailed product page(s). These ads are optimized for desktop and mobile users, so you don’t need to adjust the ads separately.

Facebook carousel ads


5. Take Advantage of Facebook Shopping

As mobile and in-app purchases tend to rise in the following period, Facebook has introduced a new app feature – shopping section. With this option available on mobile devices, people can browse and shop without leaving this social media platform. Of course, this feature is designed in order to attract more advertisers (business users), but also to enhance end-user experience and thus bring even more activity and buzz to this social network.

Facebook shopping section mobile app

Facebook claims that shopping section is there to help the ease the entire purchase process. Since the user doesn’t have to leave Facebook in order to go to checkout, page-loading time is much faster and the shopping experience gets much better. In addition, each Facebook page will have a separate, shop section (besides images, videos, etc.). Is this going to be a new ecommerce platform, we’ll wait and see.

6. Create & Share Engaging Content 

After all these unavoidable steps that make your Magento webshop pimped-up using Facebook marketing, there is one certain thing that will make your online business stand out from the crowd on this social media network. It is all about creating and sharing engaging content. When you reach a quality fan base and do the necessary promotion with ads, it’s time to attract people with the most powerful tool: content. Visual content, along with specific messages that fit to your target audience, is the best marketing you can do on Facebook. Links to your pages, excellent images and videos and content that provokes reactions will certainly make your page a relevant one. Since your Facebook page is about online shopping, it will have even more chances to be engaging. So, get on to quality social media work and increase your sales today.


After all, it is not so difficult to pimp-up your Magento webshop using Facebook. The number one social media platform makes it easy for every online business to showcase and promote their products. Furthermore, with so many daily active users (and mobile users), the buzz around your business can spread very fast. Some of the things you need to remember when creating your Facebook marketing strategy:

  1. Define your business objective(s)

  2. Be specific with the products you want to promote

  3. Define a narrow target group

  4. Post only high-quality content

  5. Or contact Younify’s marketing team for some cool tips 🙂