11 Tools that Help You Compress Images to Get More Speed

Image compression for better webshop loading speed

In the era of mobile Internet, webshop speed has become a hot topic. Google has made it even more demanding, since the speed of your webshop is a determining factor in Google search engine ranking.

To put Google aside, it’s extremely important to think about your site’s speed as the most important connector to your customers. It annoys me if I want to order something and it takes ages before the page is loaded. So, there is no difference between you and your customers when it comes to how quickly the ordering process happens.

Nice Images vs. Fast Loading Time

I thought that fast loading time was primarily important for websites that have promotional texts; however, I have realized that promotional text websites are a lot easier to load than a shop. A webshop is visual, consisted mainly of images that are here to encourage visitors to buy. People who are looking for a specific product increased their search when using Google images. On this example we clearly see how important images are for webshop merchants!

Total number of images within one webshop quickly goes into hundreds, if not thousands. And also the number of megabytes downloaded for proper images’ size! In order to provide both visually appealing and searchable in Google Images, but also webshop images with fast load time, you need to compress your images. Of course, without loosing on their quality.

Image Compression

Reality check: your web page should be on the screen within two or three seconds. Otherwise, the chances you will loose your customer get much higher. In order to create more speed (and bandwidth on your server), you need to reduce the bytes and, therefore, reduce the size of your images. How to do that? Simply by compressing your image before uploading it to your server!

Image compression is, of course, not a fine job to do. Luckily, there are a few free tools that facilitate this work for you. End result: your webshop will load faster and your visitors will continue browsing your visually appealing webshop without being annoyed by its speed! Depending on the platform you use for your webshop, you can find modules and plugins that will compress images that you have already uploaded.


Irfan View



Irfan View is very convenient and quick image editor. Trimming, cropping and saving as JPG / POISON / PNG file images is a piece of cake. When you finish with image editing, choose the option “Save for Web” and your image will lose 80% of its weight or kilobytes while maintaining perfect quality.

IrfanView is a free image editor.





I am a fan of RIOT! RIOT is the abbreviation for “Radical Image Optimization Tool” and it’s a completely free tool that you can use in order to compress JPG / POISON / PNG images. The beauty of RIOT tool is that you look at two parallel screens at the same time and immediately see the results of your edited image. Also, you can compress a large number of images at once. The results of image compression with RIOT are impressive. In some cases, this solution is even better than purchased programs.





GIMP is a well-known alternative and open source solution compared to expensive Photoshop. It’s a complete graphics program, so if you already have one, this will be unnecessary. However, if you don’t have a graphics program installed, GIMP offers you – in addition to many graphic possibilities – the ability to compress your images.





Tiny PNG, as its name says, reduces your (too heavy) PNG images using drag and drop functionality thus making beautiful and fast graphics that you use for your webshop. To be able to do this, Tiny PNG helps you reduce the number of a few subtle colors in the image background, while maintaining the image quality. Tiny PNG is free and available for both Windows and Mac users. The program also has some plugins, which enables its implementation in Photoshop. There is also TinyJPG service available for JPG images.





PunyPNG is also a free online tool where you can compress up to 20 JPG / POISON / PNG images at once. Just keep in mind that the images should not be larger than 500KB. Apart from free version, PunyPNG offers a paid version for additional image compression.


FILEminimizer Pictures



FILEminimizer Pictures is free software that resizes your images up to 98%. JPG / BMP / POISON / TIFF / PNG and EMF files can be reduced at amazing speed to get images with fast load time that are perfect for your webshop.





ImageOptim is an application for Mac users. The app compresses JPG / POISON / PNG images without any quality loss. This app works within a simple drag and drop system. Just drag your image to the window and the compression begins.





PNGOptimizer is a free Windows program that allows you to clean and compress your PNG images. With PNGOptimizer you can convert BMP / POISON and TGA files to PNG. PNGOptimizer is also a simple drag and drop system that lets you create high-quality graphics.


Compress Now


For compressing images that are up to 9MB in size, you can use CompressNow. This free program allows you to indicate a specific degree of compression in order to get desired result. A very useful and free tool.





PNGGauntlet is a free program for Windows users. It can be used to resize your images and convert JPG / POISON / TIFF and BMP files to PNG.


Image Optimizer



Image Optimizer is a free online service that lets you edit images fast. This quality customization is done with a blink of the eye. You can also upload and compress several images at once.

This is a guest blog post from Kees van Dijk

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