“The store needs to be one of a kind” – Interview with Mr. Rogier Gülicher, HOBO HiFi

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Webshop of HOBO HiFi was developed by Younify

“HiFi is emotion. Music can touch, a film can deeply touch. The intensity of that experience will be much higher if you possess the right equipment.” With HOBO HiFi you get the best picture and sound, accompanied with professional advice, experience and service. They say you have to be passionate for music, film and technology…

11 Tools that Help You Compress Images to Get More Speed

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Image compression for better webshop loading speed

In the era of mobile Internet, webshop speed has become a hot topic. Google has made it even more demanding, since the speed of your webshop is a determining factor in Google search engine ranking. To put Google aside, it’s extremely important to think about your site’s speed as the most important connector to your…