We Are Hiring Translators (Dutch to English / German / French)

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Younify is a leading company in webshop consultancy and development. Our goal is to help our clients to be successful in their online sales activities. We achieve this by delivering unique and effective webshops, expert knowledge and a continuous commitment to deliver our promises. For the purpose of expanding the business onto new markets, we…

Why You Should Have a Lot Less Customers?

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empty project portfolio

Every entrepreneur, at the beginning of his career, shares the same ambition: to obtain as many customers as possible. That’s understandable, because customers provide money and without sufficient income entrepreneurship becomes difficult. But is that a strategy that ensures healthy business in longer term? Younify changes the course and puts all effort to significantly decrease customer…

5 purely psychological tips that help you sell online

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psychological tricks to sell online

  What exactly makes people decide whether to buy an item or not? Is it the need for the particular product or some kind of mental affinity towards it? There are a lot of questions for human behavioral patterns when it comes to making either positive or negative decisions. These decisions are also reflected in…

Top 10 Magento Extensions to Secure Your Store

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top 10 magento security extensions

You want your online store to be perfect and sell more each day. For that reason, you decide to install great extensions that help you boost your sales or even engage your customers while they’re choosing & buying products. Besides website development, Younify offers high-quality support to stores which we develop, but also other stores…

How to create Google Analytics sales funnel for Magento webshops

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sales funnel in google analytics

We are specialists in two things: building good-looking Magento webshops and ensuring good conversion rates (sales) for our clients. When trying to identify how to improve webshop conversions, we use Google Analytics to see what’s going on. One of the nicest features in Google Analytics is adding “Goals”. It allows you to set specific goals…