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Each e-commerce story is different. Your business has its own needs when it comes to the ways you wish to import products from Muis to your Magento webshop. We are here to make the entire product import more flexible and avoid additional pain.

Firstly, you have to know importers are complex. Younify’s Magento Muis extension ensures that your product data and stock levels are imported from Muis to your Magento webshop. Furthermore, this Magento extension will not only import products (one-by-one), but will also create the so-called configurable products within Magento. In that way, images are also automatically linked to the right products.

To make it work flawlessly, we firstly sit down and create necessary documentation that is specific to your business. This documentation consists of full technical and functional description. It’s very important to document the entire process properly, since any mistake can cause damage and will provoke additional costs. After we test the import and you approve it, we are ready to go live. Magento Muis extension is the best way to have absolute control over on-time and accurate product import process.


  • Automatically import products from Muis
  • Update stock every [x] minutes
  • Products will automatically be placed in correct category
  • Images will be linked
  • Comprehensive reporting and monitoring
  • Flexible functionality when it comes to managing stock